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I wouldnt rate this product if I could because I am not a girl but you do know these are pipe gloves right they arn't made to be warm gloves they are for doing tricks in the parks like grabs and hitting well the pipe. The drying thing might be a problem but please read about the product before you buy it so you don't get some thing you think looks like some thing else


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Ok, if your flows are breaking then I would say get a new pair flite five or better will give you bindings that will actually last and are pretty slick. Now the cinch bindings came. Also the ice thing with the flows and hardness to get in once you get you settings down they are amazing yes you will be frustrated if you dont get your settings marked and set for your fit. Ok now the cinch this is literaly one of the worst bindings, I loved the flows so I thought I would try it, me and 4 other guys got them this season and ended up shipping them back after our first trip. I ride hard and so need a binding that will let me jib and hit the park the way I do. I went to do a butter on a s rail and the binding broke and I went flying this binding no matter how cool it looks it is just crap. I usually never nock any thing other people buy or other snowboard brands, I mean k2 is a good company but this is just a good ideah gone wrong


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I had the same board for 3 years and used an old on before that I just got this one for Christmas and I love it. I could only get 360s before no matter how much air I got I couldnt get that final push to get the 540. First day of the year out on the slops on my second run went off a nice over pass jump and tried a 360 and i found i had done it before I was even half way to my landing to I kept spinning and actualy landed a 540. This board is so fricken light trust me on that it took me about 2 weeks of hard riding and jibbing on trees to get it nice a flexible like I like my boards but thats normal time. Also people say this is an all mountain board but it isnt. Its a perfect board. It can do terrain parks a rip it up with Japan airs and spins an my best friend even landed a flip with his. But you can also rip it up on the glades and pow pow with this board. I give it a 5 thumbs up.