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The zipper is fantastic, just adjust the velcro with the zipper closed and then you can just zip and unzip the zipper to take the glove off, never messing with the velcro again. Pretty warm, I've only had to ball my hands up on the lift a couple times, and they are dry as a bone, until your hands start sweating of course. I got the smoke ones, I had no problem with the black leather bleeding. The tack grip is weird at first, but you get used to it and end up loving. I've skied with my gloves many a day and the tack is still there. Great product, and look at that price.


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Looks are top notch, I have a large face and they are a tad tight, but you can't beat the looks.

The problem is that these had catastrophic failure in the fogging department. I ended up in a blizzard on the top of Alpental and I couldn't use my goggles, that was not fun going down 'Nash without goggles. Now, I am a sweat hog, I admit, but these were fogging the first day I got them. I don't wear a helmet and I have a decent Fro, that may be the reason for the fogging. I've been told if I wear a helmet that it may help, or if I cut my hair, that would help as well, but that's not gonna happen. I ended up giving the goggles away to a guy that is a more of a sweat piggy, not a full fledged hog. He has better luck with them, even though he had to take them off on the lift to reduce fogging, but as soon as there is airflow the fogging slowly goes away.

I used my bro's Turbfans, they worked great so know I have some prodigy turbos on the way.

So, if you are a sweat hog yourself I would recommend going with the turbofan or just a different goggle period, if not, enjoy.