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I originally received the 'Test Pattern' Figment's by mistake and thought they were nicer then the Jeremy Jones Figment model.

Anon Figment PROS:
Superior quality (foam, strap, frame, etc.), style-Style-STYLE! (hands down the steeziest goggles available), lens options/tints (Anon lens' offer amazing protection on sunny days)

Anon Figment CONS (and there is only 1):
Subpar peripheral vision. I wanted to keep them, but I ended up returning the goggles because I wasn't comfortable with the peripheral vision.

In my opinion: the best overall goggles available are from Oakley & Smith.


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The Arbor Element was my first board, and I can say that it is truly an "All-Mountain" snowboard. There is a decent amount of flex to forgive, and if you get a chance to ride a pow-day on this board you'll be stoked. The Element is also possibly the best looking deck ever produced. The koa wood top is stunning! The '07 bottom with the Hawaiian Island chain is simply 'classic'. After selling off my Arbor Mystic, I was back on my ol' Element and I've ridden pretty much every terrain except rails with it. I would recommend this board for any single quiver owners looking for a versatile snowboard , or a dedicated pow-board.


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I live near Arbor Sports and there is no doubt that they produce amazing snowboards. Arbor is one the most supportive companies you'll ever come across! I picked up the '06 Mystic from this site during mid-season and it took some getting used to the overall stiffness compared to the Arbor Element I was riding. The Mystic is a specialized board focusing on the pipe. I definitely don't recommend it for rails/jibbing... it is that stiff! It's a solid ride in hard pack conditions... I also rode the Mystic on an 'epic' pow-day, and although I was wishing I had packed my Element during that weekend, the Mystic was definitely capable of dealing with powder conditions. Again, there is very little flex with the Mystic, but you can probably ollie to the moon if you're able to compress the bamboo core! I would highly recommend this board to any intermediate/advanced pipe boarder.