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Padded, responsive, cushy, reliable. Hard to beat Burton bindings. You can adjust them many different ways so they will be even more responsive than they are right out of the box. Easy to adjust the strap length with out tools, the high back can be easily aligned with your back edge. There is cushioning under foot and the straps are nice and soft too. Burton buckles can't be beat for reliability.

After a month or so of riding these, they are too damn soft. Fucking limp and not very responsive. Not great if you are an agressive free rider looking for a binding that will respond quickly.


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Anyone buying this should know that you will have to drill holes in it to install the split kit. Holes for the tip clips, holes for the "Chinese hooks", binding insert holes, touring bracket holes, heel riser holes. This board is basically half way built. It is un-drilled like a set of skis because apparently Lib was too cheap to pay voile the licensing fee to use their splitboard pattern this year.

If you are a ski tech or know some, this board may work for you, if you aren't, expect to spend an extra couple hundred bucks to get this board up and running. (Skins $150, split kit $150, drilling holes and inserts $?)


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I wish I could get my hands on another pair of these. I rode the snot out of mine until I finally broke a high back on a tree. Stupid fricking trees. Super cush, super responsive, super fun, super light.