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Do not use loc-tite on these bindings! ANYWHERE.

The wet loctite eats away and crumbles the dupont xytel nylon. Loctite will completely destroy these bindings. Scary stuff since pretty much everyone is accustomed to using a dab to stop a loosening screw on the baseplate.

I wrecked two pairs of these otherwise awesome bindings by using it.


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This helmet is great. Of all the helmet lines the Giro feels the warmest and most comfortable to me, but whatever fits your head. The MX visor adds a good touch of style, but really doesn't do all that much to block the sun or storms, it's a little high.

Venting is fantasic, and earflaps are removable for when it's really warm.
The form-fit system fits well, and gives a good secure feeling underneath that bone on the lower-back part of your skull.
I've never crashed my helmet, but the ASTM and CE CN Certifications give a good secure feeling if an accident were to happen.

4-Stars as I wish they would cut out some of the bulk. It's really an egghead helmet compared to some of the lower-profile lids on the market.


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There are two Goggles in my "quiver" Both Oakley Crowbars,and inside an Electric travel case.
Hi-Yellow for Dark Days and Black Iridium on brighter days.

This review is for the Black Iridium. The star rating I give is different than another review I previously gave.

The Black Iridium is a 3-star lens to me. It's a darker lens, so it's designed for bright days. But it doesn't block enough light for my taste.
if it's bluebird.. go for something darker.

3 Star 'cause it's not effective. not less than 3 star because it's still quality.


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There are two Goggles in my "quiver" Both Oakley Crowbars,and inside an Electric travel case.
Hi-Yellow for Dark Days and Black Iridium on brighter days.

This review is for the HI-Yellow. The star rating I give is different than another review to follow.

The Hi-Yellow is a 5-star lens to me. It's very, very versatile from storm days all the way through to overcast. When the sun comes out, obviously, it's time to put them away. The Hi-Yellow is a specified lens, and not a universal like a Persimmon.

Love it.


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I've been using this bag for a year now, and I'm satisfied. I own two boards, one which is kept in the Dakine Pipe bag (a great day bag) and the other in this Dakine Tour.

I use the Pipe for day-use, and the Tour for Airplane Rides, or 2-3 day local trips.
I'm all-around satisfied. I'd buy it again.


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2011's winter season has been rough in terms of snow thus far, so these bindings haven't been fully broken in quite yet.
However, they have seen plenty of use.

These are my Union Contact Pro's, size Large mounted on a Ride DH 2.1 Wide.

My favorite feature of these is the ankle strap. Union hit a home-run here. The padding and form molds great into my ankle, and hasn't given me any pain or discomfort at all since new.

The heelcup, baseplate, and highback feel plenty strong and responsive.

The Toe piece feels AWESOME!
I know there are some negative comments in terms of the toe piece, so here is my breakdown:

-The cap over the toe where the binding is split feels fabulous. It forms great to my boot, and gives great hold and pressure backwards into the bindings. The comments are in regards to the ladder buckle.

On the ankle strap there is a quick release tab. On the toe-peice there is not. You have to fold the ladder strap awkardly. I wish that the toe strap did not operate like this, and simply had the quick release tab just as the ankle strap.

I have not had any issues with the toe ladders not holding or breaking, and they don't feel as though they were poorly made to me. It's just a different release system.

4 star binding for me. 99% there, I just wish the toe strap was an identical release to the ankle strap.

So Far So Good


5 5

These Dakine Ninja Stars are my favorite stomp-pads I've ever found.

They can be stuck individually wherever you want to, to get the best grip. I actually decided to put half of the pack on the switch-side, as I can load the lifts switch or regular.. (decreasing wear on my boots from lift-rest!)

They provide just the right amount of grip and abrasion, without sticking up too far and aggressively like some other stomp pads.
The shape of the stud sheds snow quickly if you have some packed into the tread on your boot.

Not all of Dakine's equipment is top-notch, but these sure are in my book.


165 Dakine Pipe Snowboard bag, with my 159 Ride DH 2.1 and Union Contact Pro Bindings.

This is a great day-use bag to keep the everyday beatings off of your equipment.

The zippers are overbuilt & stout, which is everything you could ask for in a bag like this.
As shown there is plenty of extra room in my bag if I should choose to fill it with extra gear.

I would not reccomend this bag for airline Travel, as it is not padded. (look at the Dakine Tour model for this)

Overall this bag is a 5-star item for what it is. A light-day-use board bag with plenty of room.