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I bought my first pair of hiking boots online and you can guess that the fit was not ideal. It took a 3300 ft descend and two aching toes for me to realize I needed a new pair of well-fitted hiking boots. So I went to EMS and tried a few. The Asolo Stynger fits the profile, it has the ankle support I need (I've injured them before), it's on the average to narrow side ( I have narrow feet) and it's sturdy enough to cover long distances. It's also waterproof so I can wear them in winter hikes too.

The 'shoe guru' at EMS told me these take 50-100 miles to break in, I went on two trips about 11 miles each. My heels and toes feel perfect, although I found a small blister on one toe after the second trip. But they feel really comfortable for a sturdy synthetic pair of boots!

A friend of mine also has a pair of Asolo and we both have a little bit of chafing at the ankle bone of the left foot, but not at all of the right foot! I tied the top buckle first the second last to relive the ankle bones a little bit. It helps.

And finally, I just love the red/orange color!! Everyone complimented me on the color for sure.

My new best friend


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I tried it at a local store and bought it on BC while there was a discount code. I love Smith helmets especially for the warm and fluffy earmuffs. It feels so comfortable.

Went on a three-day snowboarding trip. It was snowing pretty hard so I pretty much kept the vents shut. I did open them while I was indoor and it really helped cooling down my head. It fits very well with a generic pair of googles, no gap at all... And the purple color looks great on the slopes!

I highly recommend this helmet and also that you try it at a local store before you buy it.

Great helmet for snowboarding


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I bought the Allure for its light weight and good reviews. When I got it I found no vents except for a few on the back. And the only way you can control ventilation is by removing/adding the fleece lining. Plus it looks bulky. It feels really comfortable and light weighted, but I need something that has a smarter ventilation. Might switch to a Smith Voyage.


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I bought this for my boyfriend who is an ok snowboarder. We tried it out at a local store and bought it on BC. This is an older version. The only difference I've noticed so far is the padding of the ear flaps - the latest one in store is mesh and a little harder while the older version has softer fleece-like material. It feels warmer but who cares! Actually I do that's why I use a Smith helmet : )

The ventilation is great, you can easily adjust how large you want the vents to be on top of the helmet. Some other brands I shall not name have really stuck clips that are very difficult to adjust on the go.

We took it on the slopes. At the end of the second day he found that the plastic strap of the fitting system was broken... He didn't fall hard at all... Has to be a defect and BC kindly accepted the return. What a pity...