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This is a nice double layer clingy base layer, not really compression clingy, but just enough. It has a nice interior which feels delightful against bare skin and a smooth silky exterior so layers slip right over with no effort.


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I bought this helmet last year and love it! I have the skullcandy speakers and a bluetooth adapter which makes this thing ROCK! The smith I/O goggles are a perfect fit. I have done a lot of bushwacking with this helmet and is has held up nicely.

Great helmet!


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I was pumped to get these, but when I put them on I quickly realized how uncomfortable they were. There is WAY too much foam around the nose cutting off my breathing through said orifice. The other Glaring fault is the lack of a tacky rubber substance on the inside of the strap. These goggles are the KING of frustration when they slip all over your helmet and end up flapping behind you going down the mountain.

So I got some scissors and rubber cement to "fix" the shortcomings of the goggles. The nose part is fine but the rubber cement sadly did not work:(

I did change the lenses out with no problem, they are very easy to change out. I do have a lot of changeable lenses in my life though.

The next thing I am going to try is fitting a new strap or a bunch of rubber bands on my helmet:)