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Great binding easy fixes on the fly, and really nice canted footbeds. The only thing I dont like is the material on the highback gets slippery and makes the boot start pulling out of the binding.Very lightweight and Im hoping they are durable. Very responsive and highly reactive to pressure.


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I just picked up this new stick and it rides like a dream. The reverse camber and bannana tech together make it a dream ride in fresh snow. I am 220 6ft with a size 12 boot, this board fits good. The only thing I dont like is the sidewall on the nose and rear tip is not to strong barely touch a rock and it wants to start separting might have to warranty that, and the base is really soft doesnt hold up to well against sticks and rocks . for shredding just wish it had a stronger base and more durable sidewall.Overall its a good ride and sick design Im Loving it. This was my first review above, but now I hate this piece of crap the side wall completely blew up and the board delaminated on a 18' powder day. one of few this season in Utah , I tried to send it back and lib and lib was not having it, one look and they said it was from impact.(shouldnt a board be made to take impact from jumps)
I went back to Never Summer snowboards cause I couldnt go with out the reverse camber and rocker. I shred utah snow and alot of resorts and some backcountry and lib tech does not hold up at all . I dont recommend LIB to anyone that rides hard big mountain terrain, cause this board is made like a burton. shitty.. DONT BUY LIB TECH and im saying this to everyone I speak with from now on....big piece of crap and magna traction blows way to agressive even on ice almost throws you off b-lining down groomers.