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These puppies are great. They fit perfectly in my Burton boots, keep my feet warm and dry all day, don't bind up, and don't smell a bit. I recently went shredding for a full 10hr day and back at the cabin my socks still fit like I just put them on, my toes were toasty warm but never too hot, and they look pretty awesome just sittin around the house too. After the full 10hrs, the socks were a little bit damp with sweat but not bad at all, which is really nice. On an average day, they don't even get damp. Great sweat wicking tech.

My only concern is how well they'll hold up over time. Had em for a little over a year now, and I worry about the padding going out because the threads kinda run after the washer/dryer cycle. So far they've held up great though, and they're definitely affordable, so if they don't make it through this season in tact, I'll just scoop another pair. Totally worth it! Buy these socks.


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I've been snowboarding for a few seasons now, but this is the first board I've ever owned. After reading reviews elsewhere and the product description above, I was sold on the 158 K2 Anagram. Here's why:

Freeride: this board is fast, light, and highly responsive. It wants to fly down the mountain side and I say let it. At faster speeds, carving is second nature. Just think about your shred and this board goes. Nearly effortless. The board has enough flex to forgive the East Coast ice/slush at the end of the season but is still sturdy enough to own the fresh laid pow. I could almost keep up with my brother, who rocks some wicked fast ski blades, down the diamond of his choice. Almost. And at lower speeds, this thing is just an all around joy to ride.

Park: Let me preface this by saying my park game sucks. That said, this board is going to make me better. It's light and confident and makes you feel the same right before lining up for major air. The flex lets you miss the sweet spot without necessarily busting your butt in the process. I didn't spend a lot of time on the rails and box-tops since the board was brand new, but the couple I did hop on were buttery easy with the factory wax. The centered stance made staying upright pretty simple.

All in all, I am very pleased with this board and highly recommend it to any rider with some experience looking to take the next step. This board will take you there!


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I matched the black/red bindings with a 158 K2 Anagram board and I love the look! The set-up is sick! I got mad compliments in the park and on the lifts from riders and people in the lodge were staring :) They perform as described above and better! 110% recommend these bindings!

UPDATE: Yeah, they /looked/ great for the first two days I wore them and by the third day the meshing on the upper binding strap was completely torn, revealing the binding cables and internal padding. Pix above. This was after one weekend of freer-riding about 6hrs a day and maybe 1 or 2 in the park. HIGHLY disappointed in the quality of this product. Contacting K2 directly for a refund. I'm looking elsewhere for my next bindings...

Sweet bindings