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I wore these a couple days so far and have been very impressed. On a clear and not-too-cold day in Colorado (about 19), my fingers were sweating even after taking the liners out. The next time I tried them, the temp was in single digits, very windy, and snowing hard - the lift ride would have been miserable without these, but instead my hands were toasty warm all day with the liners in. I would have given them 5 stars if the liners were glove-style, that's the only thing I can find wrong with them.

All in all, these are fantastic mittens for the price, but save them for really cold days.


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Bought these bindings this season. Bolted to my Never Summer, they absolutely rock. Solid construction and super comfy. Despite some of the other posts about these, they can be very supportive if dialed in right. They are adjustable in so many different ways, it can take some time to get them just right. The only complaint I have is with the forward lean adjustment. This year's model has the dial instead of the standard clamp setup, and it seems that it wasn't very well thought out. It twists sideways after a couple runs and gets packed with ice so you can't lock it back in place - not that you can manipulate it with gloves on anyway. This is a very minor problem though; I would recommend these bindings to anyone that isn't too concerned with the forward lean adjustment. Hell even if you are, put some superglue on it and ride.