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I needed an insulated jacket and I thought this would fit the bill. It looks great! Never gotten so many compliments on a jacket. But guess what, this jacket sucks! The sleeves suck. Snow goes up them. The powder skirt rides up. The armpits let in snow. Whoever designed this jacket never rode it on a Utah powder day. A jacket from Old Navy would keep you drier than this jacket. I had to return it since it was so bad in the snow!


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Really its the only deal in town, but saying that I honestly feel like the guys at Voile are nothing but skiers that snowboard on occasion cause it shows in their design of the kit or lack of design for that matter. They have not upgraded anything about this kit in a long long time. Also I bought aftermarket t bolts that were smooth on the bottom, why doesnt the kit come with that in the first place? The t bolts in the kit are worthless. Also I would pay more for a kit made out of lighter metals (maybe titanium). A splitboard is freaking heavy, anything to save weight on the kit would be a good idea. Buy and use lightweight bindings to help lighten this thing up(Any one from Volie listening to this?)There are a lot of things Voile could do to make it better. Yeah I love to splitboard, but that doesnt mean I am going to blindly say that this thing couldnt be better. Check this entry out for my experience on making a splitboard.



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Its the only game in town and its a good way to go. However my kit was missing a few pieces and the directions suck! I am cant finish until I get the missing pieces. Also you T bolt the touring portion of the kit but only woodscrew the bindings? I would recommend instead of having 3 T bolts for each toe piece of the tourning mounts I would suggest only one and then T bolt the snowboard mounts. I do not trust using wood screws and epoxy here.