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I have both the Pro-tec IPS hip pads, and the Demon Flex-Force Low Padded shorts. I don't like these pads (Pro-tec IPS) because for me they didn't fig snug around the leg/upper thigh region. I ordered a medium and am 6ft 165lbs. They also don't have as thick of padding, and as much tailbone support as the Demon pair does.
As for a review of just the Pro-tec Hip Pads. I give them 3 stars because they aren't the greatest protection, but do have adequate padding all over. The butt, thighs, hip, and quads are all protected which is nice. The padding isn't the thickest but would certainly lessen a blow on a rail or whatever it is that you're using these for.
They're stretchy and conform to your body, and are also pretty light and would easily conceal themselves under a pair of ski/snowboard pants or any type of pant that is somewhat loose.


It really depends on how big your thighs are. I am 6 foot, 165 lbs and I ordered a medium and they aren't snug around the thigh/leg area. Had I ordered a small then I would probably be ok. I would say my legs are slightly skinnier than average though and these would probably fit the average thigh just about right.

The splice is meant for "medium to large" faces according to Oakley. So it's going to be pretty much like your Wisdoms.
Worst case scenario, if you really want to give these things a try, is to order them and if they don't fit simply send them back for a full refund. You will have to pay return shipping though, so you'll be out $6 or so. Not too bad of a gamble in my opinion, because these are supposed to be the latest greatest thing out there in goggle technology.
I will add though that these are more similar to the Crowbars, and I don't think they look at big on my face as the Wisdoms do. I own both types.

It's tough to tell the size that will work best. Since the 58 cm is on the medium and the large.
The good news is, if it doesn't fit for him, you may send it back and they'll send you a large. They'll give you a full refund when they receive it. You will have to pay return shipping though, which will probably be around $7.
But this site has great customer service. If you do end up having to send it back just click on the "chat now" button at the top right of the screen and an agent will set you up with a return number and get the large helmet on its way.
Hope everything works out in the first place and you don't have to re-order.

For you a 152 is going to be on the longer side of the spectrum. You could go anywhere from a 148-154 and probably be ok.
A couple things to keep in mind though. The longer the board is the tougher it's going to be to control and manuever. So if you're a beginner you may want to look into something shorter.
A longer board is going to get you higher speeds and will be better in powder.
If you are still growing, like in middle school or high school and think you have a ways to go, then I would say it wouldn't be a bad idea at all to get the 152. Because if it's a little long this year, it'll be perfect for you next year.
Overall, you'll probably be ok in a 152, especially if this is the best deal you can find. The only thing I'd be worried about it is maybe being a tad too long for you. But like I said, if you're still growing, you should be ok for sure.

These don't exactly have a strong backbone of support running through them. I have one and do the same as you're looking to do. One board, and all my gear. If you had enough stuff you could probably get it to keep from drooping. However, I have a 158 board, and a 156 case, and it still fits. So your 157 shouldn't have any problem fitting into a 156 case.

First, a 143 would be perfect for you. My wife weighs exactly what you do, has a 143, and loves it. Plus, the size charts match up for this size too.
Because you are a beginner I would definitely recommend you have a board that is on the smaller end of the spectrum. With it being shorter it will be so much easier for you to control and maneuver.
And yes this would be a great all mountain board. It is designed for "all mountain" so you're good to go no matter where you go and what you try.
Also, just so you know, it is a directional board, which means one binding is closer to the end of the board than the other. Meaning you want the side that's closest to the end to be the back of your board. This way you will float over the snow easier.
You'll love this board. I ride a Forum too, and I love it!

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes.
Great board for the mountain and parks. Geared slightly more towards the park, but also made for anything anywhere on the mountain. As for durability, it's just like any other snowboard. If you treat it well, keep in waxed and take care of it, it's going to take care of you.
I would definitely say it's worth buying if you like the looks of it and can afford it. It's a great price at 40% off and Burton makes top of the line equipment.
If it breaks, which it never should under normal riding conditions, don't even worry about fixing it. If there is any defect or malfunction with the board backcountry will take it back for a full refund. You can simply order another one why you're at it and they'll credit your account when they receive your old board. They have great customer service. You can't go wrong buying from here.

I'm not sure what exactly you mean by trails. Like tree trails? But either way, it IS an all-mountain board, so it should have you covered if that's what you're interested in.
If you want a board just for the park then you need to find a freestyle board. Otherwise, this one one will be perfect for you.