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Got this for my girlfriend who has had lifelong knee issues and has pretty much every type of brace made. She loves this, no other brace transfers the force from her thigh to her calf better, alleviating most of the knee pain she's had. She can finally join me on my hikes without ending in tears. Great product.


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This is Frankenbinding. These bindings are the bastard child of the ceaseless advancement in binding technology of the last decade, born from the amalgamation of all the best features of the competition, fated to rise above the competition and reign king of all that is holy in the world of snowboard binding.

1) The toe cap technology pioneered by burton/technine in 2003
2) The reclining highback technology championed by Flow since 1992 combined with the N.A.S.T.Y Active Strap introduced in 2012
3) V-Strap technology invented by Ride in 2009 and integrated as the Fusion Powerstrap.

Add the fact that these are by far the best constructed, most solid bindings I've laid my hands on and you've got yourself an indestructible package. Aluminum Alloy baseplate, aluminum buckles, these bindings are super responsive, stiff and strong.

If you've been hating on Flow before, it's time you took another look. This is not your grandpa's Flow binding. Fans of traditional strap-bindings will feel right at home with the snugness of the toe cap and fusion strap... but if you've been a fan of old-school flows (like me) you're in for a slap in the face: wake up, this is the future of snow, and this binding is it.

Slip on, tune in, drop out.


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This is a good midweight or park glove, wouldn't count on it for frigid days but it's great for the slightly cold days. Solid construction looks like it will last.

Only thing I found is that it is a little too short in the "V" and long in the fingers, which causes you to get a little bit of a pinch between the fingers but too long in the ends.

Overall good glove.


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Buying pants online is always a gamble.

- Will it fit?
- What will it look like on me?
- Is the color right?

Well, I'm here to tell you that your search for the perfect pant online has ended!

- FIT: I'm 6'3" 165 lb, 32x34 and these blue jeans in a size 32 were the perfect fit.
- COLOR: I loved them so much I bought two, Blue (classy dark blue) and Grey Wolf (for when I'm on the prowl).
- STYLE: The style is relaxed but straight. No boot, not too tight, just right.

Damn good pant!