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This is my first snowboard and I've only been snowboarding for about a month. When I first got the board, I HATED it....and then realized that my bindings were too close together. Once I fixed that, I had a much better time on the board. The flex is a little stiff IMO for a beginner board, but overall it performs pretty well when you are learning. The edges were a little too sharp for my liking when I first got the board, but a quick rub down on a ski pole and I wasn't catching as many edges.

A quick note about the 'catch-free' edge. If you are new to snowboarding, don't think that this will keep you from catching the occasional edge. You WILL catch edges as you are learning and you WILL fall. It's a fact of life - accept it. The catch free edge helps once you're to the point where you' are learning dynamic transitions between your turns. If you are just learning how to stop and do C and J turns and your form is off or you put your heel or toe down at the wrong time, you will still catch an edge.

Recommended accessory - helmet :D

For the price, this is a great board. I recommend it for beginners. For intermediate and advanced riders, do your research and go with whatever style you have developed.


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This boot is a great boot for beginners and in general does the job well. For the price, it's a decent buy. My only compaints with the boots are:
1) They run slightly too small. I wear an 11 boot and an 11 in this boot is just a tad to tight around the toes.
2) You'd think with the boot being so tight, you wouldn't get much heel movement, but you do. The inner boot tends to slip a bit after a day of going on runs. First run is great, every run after is a little loose.

Still, it's functional, decently priced, and has enough flex to freestyle, park, or just glide down runs.


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Holy crap do I love these bindings! They fit as snug as you need them to and give enough stretch to be able to take some sick jumps if you're freestyling. The thing I love the most about these bindings is the ability to just stick your foot in, click up the back, and go! It can be a little tricky getting into them from your butt but standing up and clipping in is super easy. I'm in my bindings in 5 seconds flat while my friends are sitting and strapping in. I bought these at the recommendation of another friend who uses these to clip in while on the lift and then just glide down and hit the run as soon as we're at the top. Great bindings - highly recommended.


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This watch is straight up solid. I didn't get the 'cheap' feeling from it at all. That being said, this is not a dainty watch! It's heavy, solid, and can take a beating. I'd consider using this bad boy as a weapon if I ever got mugged.

The chrono hands take a little getting used to. The big hand is the timer and the second hand is one of the smaller hands. Other than that, it's just your basic solid watch. Not too fancy, not too ghetto.


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I play a lot of airsoft (fake GI-Joe) and these work great in forrest, dessert, or flat conditions. I haven't experienced the same problems as a lot of people in regards to water seeping in or them being 'noisy'. I can sneak around in these better than most of my other combat boots. They do get a bit slippery on ice. These are NOT ice boots :) Other than that, love them so far.