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I absolutely love this jacket. The jacket is very well built; it feels sturdy, but not overly sturdy (as to limit mobility). It has a nice quality sound to it meaning it doesn't sound like a loud low-end Burton or like a fleece jacket. The sound is definitely not what I bought it for, but it denotes what it serves up: Excellent breathability, excellent waterproofing, excellent wind-resistance, and excellent looks. The jacket has many pockets, and I love the passholder/chain. If you want a nice quality jacket that has subtle looks and a subtle price, I would highly recommend you find a size in this jacket and order it! You won't be disappointed.


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These boots are well worth the money invested. In our 20 degree Colorado weather, my feet were warm, but not sweaty. When I've worn these boots around the house while fitting bindings, the boots were still not holding in sweat. These boots breathe very well, but keep in all the heat that you want without making your socks turn into sweat blankets. These are stiff enough to give you confidence that you won't break your ankles no matter how hard you crash, and soft enough so that you can leave a 3 day trip in the mountains without a hint of blisters or other abnormalities. I highly recommend these boots to anyone looking for an affordable boot that serves it's purpose and won't disappoint.


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I bought these goggles on clearance at my local store thinking it would be a good expense of my money. Boy was I wrong! I wore these goggles during one trip and within 5 minutes I noticed a lot of fogging. There were a few times where the fogging was so terrible that I had to switch to sunglasses just so I could see where I was going. One thing I did not do was put in some anti-fog, but I do not believe that any goggles should rely on this alone. The fit was decent, but some places had gaps which dried out my contacts extremely fast.

I am so disappointed in these that I'm not even looking at the Dragon line of goggles anymore. I think I'll try some VonZippers.