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These bindings look great. That's for sure. Unfortunately, the paint chips off of the heelcups and the ankle straps rip. The canted footbeds are a great idea, but they become a bit uncomfortable if you ride big stance angles (I ride 21/-12). The straps tend to come loose when you land hard. That gets annoying. Lots of customization options, that's definitely a plus. The toe strap, which can be worn many ways, was never really 100% comfortable in any position. But worst of all, they just never seem to fit quite right. I find myself adjusting them every time I get off the slopes, whether it's the footbeds, stance angles, highbacks, anything. They always seem a bit uncomfortable. I won't be sticking with these on my everyday board because the bottom line is: nobody should have to think about their bindings when they ride. Once you strap in, that should be the end of it. These are fun to use, but I would only recommend them for occasional park shredding. Get these bindings in a year or two once Rome gets their s*** together.


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I got these bindings about two weeks ago. First thing I thought is that they look amazing. Don't be skeptic about the design. They're sick.

Pretty comfy, nice toe cap. A little on the heavy side. Sturdy binding overall. But, I was a little disappointed to find out that there is NO stance adjustment to center your foot to the board. I like riding bindings one notch back to give me that skateboard under your feet feel (slightly more heel overhang than toe). The only way to adjust this is to turn the baseplate 90 degrees, completely eliminating the effect of the goodvibes disc.

Lastly, THREE count 'em THREE parts broke BEFORE I EVEN RODE THEM. The highback rotation screw and toe cap/toe cap screw ALL got stripped on the same binding when I first adjusted them. I called Forum for replacement parts and they gave me a hard time about getting new parts. I ended up replacing the highback screw myself and forcing the toe cap to fit. So now I'm riding with a broken toecap and a screw I found in my shed in the highback.

Bottom line, GREAT binding, made like crap by a company with crappy customer service.


4 5

These bindings are awesome. They look, feel and ride really smooth. Great/easy customization. These bindings, especially the toe cap, could not get any more comfortable. I fell in love with them as soon as I strapped in for the first run.

Unfortunately, I was hoping to put these bad boys on my park board. Not the best idea. Although they had good lateral flex for butters and presses, they rode too stiff for jibs. If you're looking for an all mountain binding that can hit a few jumps, look no further. Buy these bindings now. If you're a park rat like me, keep looking.