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I had previously been riding the Rome sds arsenal binding and it was great i really liked them. I broke them and i needed some new bindings and so i went to my board shop and they demanded i get a pair of the union force saying simply they were the best (probably over 40 top end bindings were there to). so i picked up a pair of white ones (this was probably around 2008). At first it was a little weird riding them i was used to no flex at all and i noticed on the union force the binding has that padding underneath it so i was a little higher off the board. at first it felt weird but once i got used to it i love it. it has the perfect base for all over riding. Im not much of a park guy i typically ride backcountry (as much as i can) or trees or any pow i can find and these work AWESOME. i have never had a pair of binding that allowed me to just whip fast turns and really dig in like these ones. like i said the base is awesome with its calibration. I ride these bindings on my 165 Lib tech skunk ape (10 star board) and my 163 never summer heritage and an older 169 gnu that is stiff and fast. it works great with all three sizes and riding styles the board gives me. Im 6'5 and have size 14 boots and i have the nike zoom force 1 boots and the larger pair fit great. its nice how adjustable these are they can fit just about anything you are looking for. Great sturdy build- have had no problems in the 2 or 3 years i have had them look great and are just sick. get these for sure. not sure if they are the best for park but they do everything else just perfectly for me.


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I bought a pair of these when skull candy wasnt to big. They were great especially for there time (this was like 2005ish). The bass certainly blew my mind. The hole thing will vibrate on your head from the crazy good bass. However as big of a SK fan i am, i must say they simply cant hit the high notes and the middles well. Its not to bad, but its certainly not good. I brought my old pair back to the stoor and with out question they gave me a brand new pair (there customer service is AWESOME). The plastic felt way cheeper than the older pair i had. They did not sound as good and they did not feel as good. The quality clearly went down and it was disapointing. one thing that was good though was that the newer ones are WAY more comfortable- super soft and nice ear covers. I have a pair of the GI's and they great- they can hit any range of notes and you can crank it up loud and it does not affect the sound. But i must say when im just looking to jam out i prefer the skull crushers. They may not be perfect on sound but the bass and the volume make it all worth it. So if your looking for an all around good headphone go GI, but if your looking to just JAM THE EF OUT- go skull crushers. especially if you like hip hop. dont pay more than 35 bucks for these. they will pop up on whiskey