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I have to start with the fact that I saw this jacket for the first time many years ago. I was in love, but could not part with the $300+ for a jacket when I lived in socal. I live in norcal now where a good jacket is worth its weight in gold. That is what led me to purchase it this year. However, it is NOT the jacket that I fell in love with so many years ago. Production has changed and the inside fur is made from a different material or different supplier, the secret pockets are fewer and the rolling paper pocket is not where I remember it being. Aside from that, the jacket is great. It is a good cut for my body shape(I'm short, not freak show short, but it doesn't fit huge and make me look like a munchkin like some jackets can), super warm, amazingly comfy, and best fo all I got it for like $100 off the list price for some damn reason. Zipper was kinda janky when I first tried it, but has sorted itself out and I have no issues now. Is this the best jacket on the face of the earth, probably not, but is pretty fucking dope? Yes it certainly is.