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5 5

These are quick and easy to get into. I love that the strap pops up making it easy to slide into. My skier friends don't have to wait for me to strap in. Performance is solid too. Even though there's a little play in the flex because of the cable, they're still smooth on the turns. I highly recommend these.


5 5

I just got done riding Breck and Vail with these bindings. After my first time I thought there might be a performance issue with me as I was having a hard time getting onto my heelside. Initially I attributed that to the cable giving some play, however I made some adjustments and it was game on from there.

It really is as easy to get in and out of these things as they advertise. I was riding with a skier and I knew I had to be quick, and I thought I was quick using my old K2 Autos (still love them), but it was sick how I never had to take more than 2-3 seconds to snap in.

Believe it or not, I spent more time waiting for skiers to get out of my way now that I didn't have to skate over to a place to sit down.

Performance was very very solid. I probably did my best boarding ever. Not sure that it was the binding or the adrenaline of being at Breck and Vail (1st time ever there).

Don't hesitate thinking performance is an issue with these rear entry bindings - they rock.