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Just slapped a pair of these on my LibTech Dark Series, and I'm absolutely loving them. Sturdy, comfortable, and they definitely scream explosiveness. Also super quick to pop in and out of- like butter. Or bananas. Anyway, these are super light too. The Re:flex tech is also a really nice feature on this year's set as well- Burton advertises it as EST-level performance on non-Burton boards, which is definitely pretty sick.

After buying these, I can't imagine buying a different pair- perfect in so many ways. Maybe if you really like the best you could go with the C60's, but this year's set are EST (and therefore Burton) only. And seriously, if you haven't already, definitely check out a LibTech board.


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I've been riding for about 8 years now, and with my previous pairs of boots I was never really all that happy.

This year's Ions changed all that. Solid boot, very comfortable, and quite stiff, which is great for transferring power from your feet into the board. I was a bit worried about my wide feet, but I've had no problems whatsoever. Not as pricey as the SLX, which is also a plus, but I still wish they were a little bit cheaper. Speed Zone is something you either love or hate- for me, I've been liking the fit and being able to save a few minutes here and there putting on my boots.

They start to pack out after a couple days, which is definitely nice; I've been holding off new boots for a while just because my old pairs took so long to break in.

The Imprint 4 liner is designed to hold together with age and use, and while that seems true so far, only time will tell.

Like I said, only real con is the price. But if you really want I good boot that won't totally decimate your wallet, I think the Ion is one of the best boots on the market.


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Bought the 161 Wide last weekend and took it up to Kirkwood here in Tahoe.

This is my first board, but I've been demoing for years, everything from Burton to K2 to Solomon to LibTech. LibTech-wise, I've ridden the T.Rice, the Skunkape, and the Skate Banana, while with Burton I've ridden the Supermodel, the Malolo, the Custom X, and the Custom Flying V. And let me say, first of all, that for reverse camber fans, LibTech is an absolute must.

Hands down, though, the Dark Series is the best board I've ever ridden, and I call it an absolute honor to own one.

Handles powder and ice- the two extremes- like nothing else. In chopped up snow, so common to the Sierras, I can let the edge do what it wants without having to worry about bailing. But as soon as I apply some pressure to one of the edges, it's explosively responsive. On groomers, you fly- even on the first day I was so confident in this board that I pushed to go faster than I ever had before. Even in the park, this board holds its own, though the Dark wouldn't be the board I would have purchased if that was my primary focus.

Online, there's a lot of technical stuff LibTech talks about that I don't understand, even after riding for years. But the fact is, all that tech LibTech managed to cram into this thing really pays off. Magne Traction, C2 (the reverse camber in the middle flanked by camber under your feet), and the risers under the bindings are HUGELY noticeable, in a good way, coming together to make a board that absolutely rips.

If you want a board you can have absolute confidence in, that flies, and that dominates any kind of terrain you throw at it with explosive responsiveness and shear power, I would definitely recommend this board...especially now that DogFunk is offering some serious discounts!


Unanswered Question

Is this the boot I need?

Two years ago I picked up the Burton Sabbaths off of a recommendation from a friend, but even though the size was right they ended up killing my feet. I stuck with them last year to try to pack them out a bit, but no luck.

This year I decided to go for the Driver X because of the support, stiffness, and responsiveness. Unfortunately, they ended up being too stiff for my wide feet- they didn't give at all.

Thanks to Dogfunk I was able to return them (love this place), but now I don't know where to go from here.

I like Burton boots due to comfort; I've tried a couple other brands and they just didn't feel right. Maybe that's just bias, I can't say for sure. But you should know when you try on the 'right' boot.

A former Burton employee at Mammoth CA recommended the SLX this year because the liner would conform a bit better to my wider foot than most of the other boots. The criteria for this boot matches my needs, but it's very expensive.

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