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The pole mount is great for adding a new angle and/or get closer to friends yet keeping a safe distance.

Only mount I don't like is the goggle strap mount. On or off the piste, it make my Contour+2 bounce and wiggle.

The rotating flat surface mount was great until I forgot I had the cam ontop of the helmet skiing in the woods. I'm greatful it broke and not the camera.


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Nice and small backpack, but there is still room for a camelback and extra jacket and/or a few layers.
It feels good on the back and is stiff enough so I feel like my backplate isn't necessary.
Sitting in the ski lift it can feel bulky if you got it packed with stuff, other than that there is no issues.
Have yet to use the shovel and probe (sort of a good thing, hehe) , but I have tested it.
The shovel snaps in place fast and easy, same goes for putting it back when finished. It feels sturdy and was helpful when I got the car stuck in the snow.
The probe deploys fast and easy, the locking also is easy and smart. When done, it's also easy to take apart. There is also easy to read markings to check for dept.

I'm the one in the red jacket in the picture and you sort of see how small this backpack is.

Great backpack