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I criticized these once in deep snow when the lens popped out for cleaning mid run. However I have now purchased an additional pair for myself and my girlfriend who loves them. They look fab and work great...just be careful not to pop the lens out when removing frost in a major storm mid-tour.


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These are great goggles for non-heavy snow days...not because of the lens' vision properties, but because the way it attaches. The four points of contact for the lens is intended to make it easy to interchange lenses when conditions change. However, in the BC when your life depends on your ability to see, you may want to consider the fact that after ice accumulated inside the lens, I tried to clean the inside with the cover but the lens continually popped out because it's not designed to be pressed on from the inside. I had to huddle down and put the goggles' lens inside my shirt for a bit before I could even bail. It did ruin my day. It really does have poor venting and the lens comes off too easily with routine handling. My model was 2009.
The positives are it works great when it's not pounding snow and fits my poc helmets perfect. I switched to the other cylindrical POC goggles and am happy.

UPDATE: I changed my mind, just bought another pair of lobes for blue sky days. Goggles are sick.


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Just like the Bug, except slightly heavier due to the impact barrier...(can't notice the difference...I have both). Also, the sizing on this is "slightly" looser than the Receptor Bug, maybe to accommodate for other seasons? maybe an individual fluke on my particular piece?
I'd still buy it again...in fact did I mention I have two? Bought my daughter a POC poquito helmet after I wore this a few times. Done deal.