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I've tried some of the more fancier protection such as poc and d3o ones and none of them compare to the protection that these shorts offer. Foam cushion underneath hard plastic plates means I hardly feel the impacts when I land my rump on hard pack/ice, where as without them I'd be clinching my rear in pain. The plastic plates on the butt and the hips are removable and is attached by velcro. I can see how this part can get flimsy overtime, but I'm sure its nothing some super glue can't fix.


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I took a major spill and bruised my lumbar spine area and most likely cracked a rib while tumbling down the hill snowboarding soooo I started looking into body armor and butt pads etc.

Nice and helpful ppl at backcountry directed me towards this product although my mind was set on another piece that was out of stock at the time. Man was I glad because the protection offered on this vest is superior compared to more expensive ones!

There is foam padding thru out the chest albeit not the thickest, foam padding that runs the length of the rib cage with what feels like hard plastic on top of the foam for impact absorption (not alot of other comparable products offer this), excellent articulated plastic spine protector that runs the length of the spine and does not restrict motion along with moderate lumbar spine protection (most other armor have protection up and down the spine but offer nothing in terms of lumbar protection.

Only thing I would have to say is demon products tend to run a little small so maybe size up what you would normally wear. I'm usually a L but ordered this in an XL,also did the same thing with the demon d3o butt protector shorts


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Tried these pair of shorts on in the store to see the fit and comfort and ended up going with another pair of shorts. The shorts itself is comfortable and allows for a full range of motion, but its the d3o protection pads that was not executed correctly. The d3o in the butt area is uncomfortable to sit on and dug into meaty buttox. Def wont be comfortable for chair lifts or falls for that matter