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Hard to find stylish and technical gear. This is a win on both fronts. Fits an athletic/skinny build perfectly, sleeves aren't too short and I get compliments every time I wear it.


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Tailbone and butt cheek protection are where it's at. These are lower profile than my last shorts but protect better by moving the padding where you need it instead of where you don't. Minimal padding on thighs and hips mean great mobility.

The tailbone wrap is really nice. You still feel it at the end of the day, but these shorts prevent the dreaded "day-ender" tailbone masher.


5 5

Two nights at Brighton riding the RC and I am stoked. The board is a bit softer than I expected, the flex seems to come mostly in the middle of the board between your feet so the tail and nose still provide good pop. The Banana (as always) keeps the edges from catching even while the board is getting loose underneath you or while screwing up a landing. Magnetraction makes up for the soft-ish ride when it gets steep and the board is still predictable when pinning through the bumps on the fast sintered base.

The RC is a great compromise between a mach-10 groomer-ripper and a loosey-goosey jib board. I learned two or three new tricks already, so how can I be anything but stoked?

I am 6' tall, 170lbs and I bought the 157.5mm.

Rider's Choice is a nice ride