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I got a pair of these on sale (new for
$90) rode them four days and decided to get them off my board (sold em for $70).
Biggest issue I had was that the toe area of the foot bed was too wide, I got lots of play up there no matter how tight I ratcheted down the toe cap. The ratchet while durable (I like the plastic coated aluminum) did not hold the ladder the best, and the release lever is in a bad spot, many times after tightening down my hand would hit the release lever and I would have to retighten. They are an aluminum base but bulky and heavy. The leather ankle strap looks nice and even extravagant but at the end of the day left my ankle sore. Straps seemed heavy over stuffed and inflexible. I found it difficult to mount these binders on the board with the rubber dampening mat in place, and further the fact that the mat comes off made them feel cheap. Looks can be deceiving. When looking for new binders leave these on the shelf.

Didnt like em


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I just got these binders and my initial opinion is they are pretty good. Light as snot. Comfy. Easy in. They do have more of a freestyle/park feel then an all mountain feel, ankle strap is lower then I am used to which makes the ride feel loose or more forgiving.
Set up and performance is amazing, what I would expect from binders at this price point.
These make Flow seem like a joke. The one thing I really didn’t like about em is the highback rotation. GNU claims highbacks can be rotated, and they can but not that much, about half as much as I am used to with my Burton Customs. I would like to see more rotation with the high back. I loved that weather permitting I can reach down while strapped in and adjust the forward lean with a few twists of the cable. Ratchet and ladder felt a little cheaper then I am used to but that should not be an issue as this system does not require that you use the ratchet and ladder all that much. I have been ridding for 23 years and in my experience bindings are equipment that rarely gets updated unless you blow them out. I am very happy with this purchase, and hope they last forever. Great binders and great way to keep you’re a$$ dry. I like Mervin because they are an innovative company, and these are not a Mervin innovation, they are Fastec bindings and Mervin likes them enough to add them to their product line, this to me was a stamp of approval.

I like em


5 5

This is the best snowboard I have ever ridden. I have been riding for 23 years and owned dozens of boards. This board rocks. I am riding the wide model because I have big feet, and for a wide board this is more responsive then any door I have ever ridden, feels like a narrow board with no overhang. This board has re-invented the sport for me. Mervin deserves a hugeass award for snowboard technological innovation. I normally would not even bother to write a review, but this board deserves free ipod style advertising from peeps who know. Get this board you will not be sorry!

best board I have ridden