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This is my new favorite climbing tank. It is super lightweight, has a great cut, and is comfortable to wear. I got a medium, though I should have grabbed a small (5'6", 130lbs). It doesn't matter, though, because the style of the tank is sort of shruggy. The back is my favorite. They killed it on this one.


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The fabric is light enough to make it a perfect summer maxi dress, but heavy enough to ensure that the dress drapes in a very flattering fashion. I love the cream colored crochet V shaped detail. It shows a little bit of skin, but nothing too crazy.

I picked it up in Small (5'6", 130lbs), but wish there had been an XS available. It isn't overly large, though. Definitely true to size for small. The straps adjust and I'm very happy with it.

I machine wash/tumble dry it (because I'm lazy and wash everything on the same setting), and it is still gorgeous. I highly recommend this dress!


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"Take off my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx that band and they break up!"

Well now, you don't have to! This t-shit is epic. The colors are vibrant, fabric has that soft, worn in feel, and it is cut extremely well.

As Lynnele said below, it's a perfect comfy shirt. It's also much, much more! You could wear it while sitting on your couch, or to a concert/the store/hot summer day bbqs/etc. It's so rad that even my guy friends are jealous.

It is meant to be a loose fitting top. I picked it up in medium, and should probably purchased a small. Do not size up!


Gave a couple pairs of these to my 10 year old at Christmas, and she'd wear them every single day if I didn't threaten her with foot fungus if she goes without washing in between. :)

I'm very pleased with them. They fit perfectly and have held up to abuse. The glee on my daughter's face when she wiggles her little sock covered toesies at me is priceless, too.

Kiddo loves 'em!


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I grabbed these in medium, Abyss Heather, and they are AMAZING! So soft, soft comfy, so flattering, such an awesome color! I wore them for three days in a row after I first purchased them. Seriously. Love these pants in every way. The cut is perfect, and color is rad, and the material is oh-so-comfy!

If you are worried to workout in them because they might show sweat, don't worry any more. When you put them on, you'll be so stoked that you won't care. I haven't noticed that they show sweat, but then again, I was wearing the pants so I didn't care. Also, if you purchase them, you might not change your pants for days on end, but I fully support you in making that decision.

Rad pants. Get 'em. Put 'em on your body. Rub your leggies together and feel how comfy they are. Touch them with your hands because they're on your leggies, so they're just right there. Stare dreamily at them and deeply contemplate your comfort level. /Love them/.

Sidenote: I also have some in black that are capri length. Those are also great, however, the material is different. That doesn't make them less good; just different. Thought I would point it out.

While I'm pointing things out:

Dearest Soybu:

Make these in every color of the rainbow and I will buy friggin' all of 'em. I especially dig grass green and every shade of purple. I never want to have a day where I have to not wear these pants again! TAKE MY MONEY! NOW!
--Fan of Your Pants, Jeni

New favorite leggings!


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I grabbed these in indigo and have been pleasantly surprised! I am sort of a legging/yoga pant junky, so I am quite particular about pants like this. I've never owned any of O'Neill's 'performance' garments, so this was a first for me. I am happy with their ability to wick moisture, extremely happy with the cut and fit, and am super stoked that they come in a color besides BLACK or GREY (legging/yoga pant woes).

I've climbed in these and worked out in them, and they definitely don't disappoint! The fun print gives them extra bonus points, as does the zipper pocket located on the waistband in the back of the pants.

Definitely give these a go!

Fun *and* functional!


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I love the print and the styling on this hoodie. I picked it up in cool whip, size L. I regret getting the large because it is cut generously, so now the entire thing is a bit long and bulky, but oh well. It is warm and the styling details are awesome. I do have some criticisms, however.

1. The top of the zippers are *sharp*. If the hoodie is zipped up and covering your face, you don't notice it. When you unzip it to let your face free, however, the top of the zippers poke into your skin when they inevitably hit it. The material holds its shape well, so even when it is unzipped, the front area only lays down a little bit. This makes it so when you turn your head from side to side, the bottom of your jaw/neck is prone to getting scraped by the sharp edges. Bummer. Deal.

2. I *love* the thumb holes! I always *love* thumb holes! These thumbholes, however, are stitched a bit tight. Since the material is quite thick, they give you a handful of material in between your thumb and fingers.

Bottom line: Cute print, great styling elements, could have been executed with a bit more thought to make it perfect.

Cute and warm, but...


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I grabbed this in a large (typically I get medium), just because I wanted it to be baggy/slouchy/comfy. The upsize was definitely *not* needed. A medium would fit better and exactly how I wanted it to fit in the first place. Now that I have it, though, I'm not going to bother exchanging it. I think I will just grab the dark one in a medium to supplement the light one I already have.

This isn't a really thick 'sweatshirt' type material. It is lightweight, and great for taking off the winter chill. You wouldn't want to wear it in place of a hoodie or sweatshirt, but it provides more warmth than a long sleeved t-shirt. The cut is also really cute, and the material is fun (instead of plain or boring).

I wore it on a chilly day in the canyon while doing some bouldering, and it was perfect for warmth. Probably not the most technical attire for the activity, though. The bagginess made it hard to see foot placements on anything around vertical or slabby. If you use it for normal wear, you will be happy, though!

Comfy long sleeved shirt!