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5 5

As every other review already states, they are longer than your normal t-shirt. That being said I am 6'2" and they don't go anywhere near my knees... just down to the bottom of my pelvis bone/groin. They are just the right length for tucking in.

These shirts are also very comfortable. The material is nice, thick, and soft. I'm replacing all of my under-shirts with these. No more pulling out when you bend over! hah


5 5

I'm pretty pleased with the Burton 420 Kit, atleast for the price. It certainly performs the function it was intended for well. Small and portable, everything I need for the perfect ride is always with me... the spice, piece, and flame all fit, with a pokey-stabby for that next session.

I do have my gripes though. It was smaller than I originally thought, which is only a slight drawback and doesn't effect my review ranking at all. The height of the kit is slightly taller (by maybe half an inch?) than a full size Bic lighter.

Opening the spice compartment is also a little 'sticky', and not from the goo. ;) It can be really hard to open sometimes and if you aren't careful, your spice could go flying once it opens abruptly. As long as you are careful opening it and know where on the lid it gets stuck, this wont happen... but be careful when you hand it over to your buddy to load up.

I'm sure if I took a small file to the inner part of the lid where it is catching this could be easily resolved, but it's not enough of a hassle that I've went that far yet.


5 5

I'm a bit new to snowboarding and had only ridden two other boards prior to this one... but let me say, once I hit the slopes with this board, I noticed an immediate difference.

This board handles like you think a board should. It turns when and how you'd expect, quick and painless, and does really well at higher speeds.

I was up at Brighton last night and it handled spectacular once the temperatures dropped and everything got icy, it has a nice grabby edge.

I cant wait to get this thing into some pow, but I hear it does just as great.


5 5

These boots are amazing! I don't have a lot of room for comparison as I only wore two pair of rental boots prior to purchasing these... but let me do say they fit amazing out of the box, without even being broken in.

I read a lot about how when buying riding equipment to not skimp on your boots, and how finding the perfect fitting boot can be a real pain. Let me tell you, like everyone else, these suckers fit great and you can adjust them quickly and easily through ought the day for that all day comfort.

Two of my friends who have boarded for several seasons commented on them and are quite jealous. I highly recommend these boots to anyone looking for a high quality comfortable boot.