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Her comments: "Great shorts. They are comfortable and very lightweight. Great for hiking in the heat and they dry quickly if they get wet.

Only cons are that their lightweight design doesn't give your legs a whole lot of protection from bumps or scrapes."


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I bought this as a birthday gift for my sibling. She said these are the most comfortable sunglasses she has ever owned, and loves the look of them as well. She said wearing them all day at Zion's National Park went well, and at no point did she feel the need to take them off due to discomfort.


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I purchased this for a day of hiking in Moab. When going to Moab last year (same time of year) my water tube would heat up within 5 minutes or less for extremely hot water, which is hardly refreshing. However with this awesome addition to my Antidote reservoir made it so it would take anywhere from 15-20 minutes before it got that hot. Generally the worst it got during that time was luke warm. So I'm absolutely pleased with this addition.

Just be aware that you are required to have a Quick Link on your reservoir. If you have a reservoir without Quick Link you need to buy the adapter. My Antidote reservoir was one that didn't come with quick link, and the adapter works fantastic.

If you have a non-camelbak brand reservoir, that uses camelbak sized tubing, you could easily throw the adapter on there and use this awesome tube.


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This is something I wasn't intending to buy. I purchased the insulated tube kit from Backcountry, and it turned out that kit required the quick link kit. Luckily it's fairly inexpensive. I was a bit nervous about the quality when placing my order, but after assembling it.. I feel confident in the future with it. No instructions come with it, but it's pretty straight forward. I've included a photo to illustrate what you will need to do. Grab some reliable scissors and make a nice straight cut on your old tubing. I chose to go about 3 inches up in the event I screw up the cut, or if leaking happens in the future. After the cut is made, slide the pieces in place. Just be sure you put the correct pieces as I've shown, otherwise you'll likely have a bad time if you get a new tube, or anything that uses the Quick Link feature. Once you've shoved the pieces in place (with little effort required), you're good to go! It's on there nice and steady and some quick hard tugs didn't even cause the tubing to nudge.

If I run into issues down the road, I'll report back. But so far I'm pleased and impressed with it!

So far so good!


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I bought these because they were said to keep hands warm down to somewhere around 25-35 degrees (can't remember the specific number off the top of my head). However, when wearing in 35 degree weather I felt they made my hands colder than going without them. It was almost as if it let cold air in and trapped it there.

On top of that, the XL fits more like a L, possibly even a bigger M.

I really wanted to like these gloves as I really liked the way the fingers could fold open for precision hand usage. The quality of the glove looks and seems nice, and I'm sure it'd be a great glove in slightly less cold of weather. But just have nothing positive to say otherwise.

Ultimately I ended up just taking my gloves off and not wearing them at all the rest of the day that I was going to depend on them.