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the board has horrible grip with the average groomed park snow, i went from a burton clash to this n rite back to my clash. it isnt as good as most people make it sound. definatly cant use it in the powder very well and its extremely slow


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if your looking for speed, dont bother with this board, but its an amazing board for other reasons. its not that flexible. its easy to do butters and good on boxes n rails. its super light and the speed control makes a big difference on rough terrain. if your someone that thinks speed control slows u down, it doesnt. the boards great for control and turning. i definatly prefer this board for its price. if u have large feet, the bullets the brother of this board.... but the bullets better used as a bookshelf lemme say. i also prefer the blunt

great board for great price


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this is an amazing boot. stiff and holds tight all day long. well insulated and extremely comfortable. the only problem is the lacing system. its easy to tighten but....... the pocket to put the lace handle in is on the other side of the boot and u have the lace hanging around when its in the pocket. i roll the lace around the handle n the put it in the pocket tho. it takes some time to figure it out but otherwise, awesome boot, i prefer it highly.