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Do all the Ride jackets have the same fit? I tried the Ride Pioneer yesterday and to my surprise, the small was a perfect fit. (I'm about 5'9'', 165, athletic build). Medium fitted OK, not TOO baggy, but the small had perfect arms length, coat length and overall tighter fit. I guess the Rainier must be slightly less bulky since it an insulated shell instead of having a separate, detachable liner? This coat seems perfect for my needs : good performance, good basic insulation from the shell, nice not too baggy look... I just want to make sure the coat won't be tighter than the Pioneer so I know I can wear a few layers if needed... and what about last year's Rainier? Same fit as this year?

Thanks in advance,


2 Answers

OK thanks for the quick answer. I'm trying to decide between this one and the SB Packer... so in terms of insulation, would the Packer have more in the arms because of the liner? How would you compare them in terms of warmth?
I'm looking for a warm jacket and the Snowpatrol looks less bulky than the Packer since the insulation isn't from a separate liner. I don't want to have to wear too many layers when riding in cold conditions, and it happens very often where I live! (-4°F and colder isn't rare). But if the Packer has more insulation in the arms, it might be more appropriate for me.

Thanks in advance,


1 Answers

OK thanks for the answer! I was wondering because on the "Tech Specs" column it specifies [Shell] next to the breathability rating. So would the breathability of this coat with the liner be comparable to the Snowpatrol jacket which is single layer? And how about ventilation? I guess that it would be more efficient with the Snowpatrol since it probably opens through the insulation, unlike the Packer (unless there's a second zip in the liner)?

I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. As much as I know that layering is always a good idea to be able to adapt to climatic changes, I like the idea of wearing fewer layers than usual. I usually ride in quite cold conditions (like -4°F) and had to wear a nice warm base layer + a fleece jacket underneath my insulated Rossignol jacket to be comfortable. In very cold conditions I had to add another layer. But breathability is very important because I ride a lot of narrow backcountry trails, away from the wind, so it's easy to get really hot and sweat a lot.

With the Packer, if I start with two layers for the base coat and still have to add two other layers, I fear it might get too bulky. On the other hand, having a shell that's good enough to be used alone as a raincoat would be nice... but comfort and staying dry in cold snowboarding conditions is my priority...

The Snowpatrol looks like it might be warm enough to use only the base layer most of the time, which would be great for comfort. I suppose I could open the vents/use a lighter base layer when it's warmer outside and add the fleece when it's extremely cold. Could you estimate the kind of weather that's bearable wearing only a t-shirt with the Snowpatrol jacket? I wonder if it could really be too warm for my needs?

I need the expert's opinion on this!

Thanks in advance!