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I am kind of surprised at the rave reviews. I got these in a pinch after accidentally giving away to the Salvation Army some awesome Solomon corduroy pants I got on sale last year.

I picked these up Jan. 17 last-minute before a trip to Mount Snow, in Mascot blue. Yes, I was impressed by the word 'poacher' admittedly, (like to poach woods myself...) and even though the guy at the Burton NYC store said they weren't the most waterproof pant available, I'm on a budget. Welcome to the life of young adults who buy their own gear. He did say, specifically, 'As long as you're not sitting on your butt for 8 hours in the snow, you'll be fine.' Ok.

Try 3 hours of riding, with regular strap-in sit downs.

Try 15 minutes of sitting in wet snow.

On Saturday just this weekend I was riding in really wet, heavy snow of VT, maybe 30 miles from the Burton factory, and even just the few hours with that condition, and my pants were wet, already, and seeping through on the inside.

The fit is, admittedly, gorgeous. Colors are great. Lots of techie features. But couldn't agree more with C.F. MagicPants's review - these have only been used 5 times and they could've been used 15 days the way they've taken a beating.

Not durable, and really, and not worth the Burton label, in my mind. I'm desperately hoping I can do a return or exchange, because it's not up to standard expectations for ANY snow pant, much less anyone who rides every weekend. Save your money, buy some nicer pants from last season.