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No doubt, Adam wished he would have had this piece of gear after incurring Gods wrath and being kicked out of the garden. Perhaps thats why it was so aptly named.

This is one sick cover. As soon as I pulled it out of the box, I was amazed. I really couldn't be happier with my choice. Foursquare really makes some top notch gear. Once I get this out into action, the true test will unfold. As it stands, it looks and feels like a solid piece.

Accessory pockets coming out the yingyang, coupled with velcro on each one to secure your crap and to keep them from becoming snow filled. Interior goggle stasher, pull cable pass holder (pass window on outside as well), mp3 player pocket and wrist gaitors sent from heaven. I mean even the wrist gaitors have mini stash pockets in them! Contrary to popular belief though, the powder skirt is FULL TIME. It is NOT removable. The hood however is.

I could ramble on for days about this thing. I am stoked!


Sup Austin

I don't know how slim a board pant gets but these sound like they are a decent fit. Still got steeze but without hangin off your body crazy styles. I just picked up a pair of Foursquare Boswell pants in a medium and they have a nice fit to them as well.

As for waterproof, they are 15K. You could take a bath in these things and not get wet. Well, maybe not, but 15K is gonna keep you dry for real...http://www.backcountry.com/store/newsletter/a342/Whats-the-deal-with-these-waterproof-ratings.html

Hey Schnappi

Straight from the 3M site...

3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation
The original warmth without bulk insulation. Inch for inch no insulation keeps you warmer than Thinsulate insulation. When you compare equal thicknesses‚ Thinsulate insulation provides up to twice the warmth of other high-loft insulating materials and nearly one and a half times the warmth of down.

While I don't know how warm you are looking for, this jacket does sound like it has potential. Super cold days will prolly call for some layering, but it will really be a personal test on how you feel in the weather.

From Italy?! Awesome!

Sup Massimilano

I would say give the shipping at least 2-3 weeks to get there. That way if they come sooner, you will be totally stoked :)

As for shoe sizing, yes the sizes you see in the drop down menu refer to to North American sizing system. If I am correct, Italy uses the EU sizing system, which you can find underneath the drop down menu in the "view sizing chart" menu.

Have fun shopping! Ciao :)

Hey Jordan

Looking at the previous reviews on this shell, I am all for your choice of medium. I know you aren't looking for too baggy, so this would be a wise decision. It seems as if this piece runs with some bagginess regardless, so your arms should have no exposure either. You can always check out the sizing chart underneath the drop down options menu just to be sure.

Enjoy your 40% off! Savage deal!

What up Joe!

Goin with your waist size, I would definitely reco a medium size, it also depends on your height though. I would say these pants won't be for you anymore since only XL's are left...unless df is gettin more stock in. I wouldn't hold my breath as they are last years model and just on clearout right now.

Keep looking! Your new gear is waiting for you!

Sup Yule!

From what the other reviewers are posting on this piece, I would really say go with a Large. I am 6' 170lbs and I would hit up a Large. This jacket would prolly end up past my waist, but with your height it will add that extra length you are looking for without being ultra baggy. I know Lyman reps the Burton wear so maybe he is of different opinion, maybe wait for his expertise.

Sick jacket for a sick price!


Sup Haz

My bag should be here in a couple days. I will follow up with your question as soon as I have it in my hands.

As far as it looks, it should be able to handle the melted ice and snow coming off your board without coming right through the bag. Possibly a nylon lining. I will follow up!

Follow Up: This bag aint gonna leak nothing!! It is lined with a tarp style inside, that will definitely hold fast. I would say you got your waterproofing :)

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