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*** an update afte about 1 1/2 month(s) the speakers are blown to crap and i have only been using then on normal house use ona bassicly normal volume the frame is preety strong on these ones which is surprising but the speakers are junk and i woudnt doubt it came from china. liek i said in my other review ill never buy sk's again and be for-warned if you thinking about buying some sk's these are patheticly made if you wnat headphiones that are only gonna last about a month get these if you want quality i highly highly reccomend a diffrent brand oh as well ive confrimed this with 5 difrent pairs seems to be a deffect tht the retrds at sk wont change the "L" and "R: for left adn right printed on the phones are wrong so the speakers are backwards rights is actully left and left is actully right its preety sad

so review of the double agents.
1st ill start of with the structure/integraty of these, due to the reptaton of skullcandy
headphones always breaking. with the double agents this is not the case. these are very strong headphones there doesnt seem to be any weak breaking pints like most SK's the side bars are metal that connect the ear peices to the head strap(were most sk's break this pat actull is good quality and strong) 1 out of 10 for break factor 10 being superman n gona give these a 8.5. reason being... common superman these will break before superman does :P

now sound quality. not much to say other then awesome. great on the low mids and highs. overall quality is superb very happy with them.

and finally the sweet features of these eadphones no wires and built in mp3 player. the no wires is awesome very free to move around aggressivly if need be the heapphones are uncomfterble at fisrt but the fit tight and snug so they wont slip off. the mp3 plaayer is preety kool sorta like having an ipod shuffle built in. i did find however the controls/buttons to be a little small they look way bigger in the pictures on line but not a big deal.
the SD card that comes with the headphnes is kool but i noticed its in the "fat" format i have no tried yet formating to ntsc and see if its supported or not but the sd card is a 1gb card thus with the fat format you actully really only get about 750-800 mb of data storage kind of a bummer in that sence but not really a negative.
as well i found with the ear muffs being curved slightly it fits more naturlly to my head.

these hweadphones do come with a usb and a 3.5mm jack to usb for wen ur sd card is off u can listen to an ipod or w/e i also noticed that when its powered off is slightly charges when powered in to the ipod didnt seem to drain the ipod battery to bad this could be a postive t some and a negative to other more personal opinion. as well these head phones do fold up.

all in all though i give these SK's double agents a 9.5/10(reason for the .5 is the led gets annoying constantly flashing as it plays)

structure: 9/10
features 9.5/10
color: :P


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Alright 1st off kool name for these gogglesThese goggles are no lie when it come to vision, comfort,style and profile. you can see very well out of them id give them about 160-170 degree angle of view and about a 10-15% increase on angle of veiw when compared the anon realm goggles. its really a huge diffrence when there on your face. these dredrums specific hawkeyes are preety rad looks wise as they are a some what small profile id say about 5% maybe 7% smaller then the realm'sbut still maintaing a good amount of body on the goggles.The lens is fairly dark(duh its black) and i noticed as well anon has improved on the "anti fog". for example last year at abut -15 C at about an alt. of 4000 feet A.S.L the realms starting fogging with heavy breathing the hawkeyes did not a big plus :Dthe style of these gogg's i found fit my head a bit more natural then the realm's that's more of a personal preference but something i noticed. all in all i give these goggles a wicked 10 out of 10i havent found any cons in these goggles since ive got them also a plus