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So far so good on these. We'll see how they hold up. High and low end sound great. Bass response is much better than I thought, so that's quite pleasing to my ears. The only thing I don't really like about these is that the volume is adjusted by pressing down/clicking on the control as opposed to having a slider control and the mic/volume control is not compatable with my Droid phone so it's pretty much functionless with my cell. Worked just fine on my five mile run yesterday and the volume/search remote worked well with my Ipod Nano. They do stay pretty much fixed in my ears, but they aren't like superglue...they will still move if bumped just right or the cord snags on something. That's why a guy always tucks in the cord yes?

They aren't noise cancelling phones, but they pretty much block out all extraneous noise once you put on the correct size gel bud covers. The cord length is a little longer than my Sony buds, but I like that. Comes with a sweet case, but it will only hold my new Fix buds, not big enough to hold my Nano as well...who needs a case for buds only? Not me. These are sweet enought that I'm going to look into another set for my wife.


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First of all, made in U.S.A. Second of all, made in U.S.A. Third of all...Oakley. Despite my overt nationalism, these actually do look great, feel great, an...the chicks dig 'em. What else needs to be said really? Definitely for those of us with smaller faces. Big dudes, you need to pass these by. Just wish they came in a variety of colors and in various lenses too, that way I could rock them in almost every social situation. These are keepers for a long, long time.