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I've only put one day on these so far but wanted to share some first impressions, specifically compared the Ride Capo (which I replaced with the Chargers). First off, I've put about 100 days on my Capos and have loved every day on them. They were a great hard charging and long lasting binding. I finally ended up breaking the aluminum nameplate, which is covered by a lifetime warranty. Instead of replacing with another set of Capos I felt like changing it up and got the Chargers instead.

First day out I paired these with my Solomon Sick Stick on a nice heavy PNW pow day at Stevens Pass. The heavy pow really put the bindings through its paces. They are definitely nice and stiff, with great response. The baseplate is slightly less stiff than the Capo, which makes for a more natural feel of the board, and a bit more of a surfy feel. The highback is a tad stiffer than the Capo, but not by much. Great ankle straps, but the toe straps don't quite measure up to the Rides. The ratchets are probably the best in the market right now, really great feel and strong. The only thing they are missing is a canted footed (which Union offers on the Factory, but not the Charger unfortunately).

Overall, the Charger is a really great binding and very comparable to the Capo. The only thing is I don't know if the Charger is really worth $60 more than the Capo. They're so close in comparison I'd have a tough time justifying the extra cash for the Unions. Still happy with the purchase though.

UPDATE: As of last weekend I put two days on these bindings, and they did not last through the second day. The attachment point on one of the carbon highbacks shattered. These are being returned for another set of Ride Capos. I'll be staying far far away from Union once again.


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Just picked up these boots as a replacement for my old Ride RFL's that are starting to get torn up. I happen to have a slightly wide forefront and have found that the outside of my foot (starting at the little toe all the way to the heel) gets numb after wearing the boots around the house for about an hour or so. My question is will the lining of the boot break down enough during break in to the point where I won't have this issue?

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Salomon had an absolute WINNER with the Sick Stick prior to this season (go check out my review), but I am absolutely STUNNED and depressed that Salomon would go and completely change. Prior to this season, the Sick Stick was a camber deck with a rockered nose. The new deck profile is completely different, flat between the bindings with rocker on both the nose and the tail starting at the bindings. In my opinion, this completely changes the feel and ride of the deck. The main reason I loved the deck was the precise feeling of control and stability at speed that camber gives. And before you go and say there's no noticeable difference between camber and flat between the bindings, I'll just stop you right there. Yes, there's a huge difference and it's the reason I abandoned my Highlife and Slackcountry for the Sick Stick.

Totally disappointed, Salomon.


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First off I just want to mention that I have last year's Berzerker, I don't believe Ride changed anything from last year's 'Zerker to this year's (other than the graphics).

Two years back I bought the original Ride Highlife. It was pretty much my main board all season long, from hiking Cowboy Ridge at Stevens Pass to park laps at Breckenridge and everything in between. I really enjoyed the board, but felt like something was missing. It was a nice stiff board, but almost felt too "dead" sometimes. Not quite playful enough for my liking. Enter the Berzerker.

Taking the original Highlife, Ride softened it up a little bit, added a bit of camber between the bindings, and gave it an awesomely aggressive sidecut. The result is exactly what I would have wanted out of the original Highlife. Super fun and playful, great board feel, and great pop. Floats great in powder. I absolutely love the sidecut on this deck. The board loves to be on an edge and is very very quick edge to edge. Very precise control on this deck.

I ride this deck with my Ride Capo bindings. Great combo IMHO.

Very well done, Ride. I highly approve.

Super fun deck!


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Alright so this jacket is a few years old, but I'll still share my two cents after putting it through the wringer last season. So here we go.....

When looking for a jacket, I always looks for something lightweight, simple styling, and nothing more than I need. Most technical shells fit the bill, but they're all a bit too tight fitting for me. This jacket fit great, and was a super simple design. Wrist gaiters are night, as is the zip in powder skirt. I like the asymmetric zipper, keeping the zipper away from my face on cold days.

There are a few drawbacks to the jacket though. The 30k/20k laminate just doesn't come close to GoreTex in terms of waterproofness, breathabilty, and weight. I paired this jacket with the Oakley Choice GoreTex Pro Shell pants, and the difference was unbelievable. After about 20 days, the waterproofing started to fail slightly, and would leave me with a damp jacket by the end of the day. Another gripe I have with this jacket (any many Oakley jackets) are the poor quality of the wrist gaiters. They're just a simple neoprene sleeve with a hole cut in it for your thumb. No hem or anything. By the end of the season the wrist gaiters were stretched out and on the verge of ripping.


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Prior to last season I finally picked up a Sick Stick after hearing my buddy absolutely RAVE. All I need to say it there is no other board out there that has put a bigger smile on my face. The Sick Stick is playful, snappy, poppy, super lightweight, and floats like crazy in the deep stuff. I love the camber underfoot as well, it gives the deck a very stable and precise ride. The crazy long nose and taper keep the nose out of powder without even thinking. I dare you to try and bury the nose; you won't be able to. I'm completely sold on bamboo after riding this board as well. It's incredibly lightweight. It's not super stiff, but very very snappy. That combination makes for a very fun and playful board. Not only does it slay the deep stuff, but it's fun in just about any condition (it was my main stick last season, from pow to ice). My only downside is the durability of the board. Bamboo does tend to breakdown a bit, and the bamboo sidewalls are prone to crack. My love for the board still gives it 5+++++ stars though.

My go to deck


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I was finally able to get my hands on a pair of these pants in order to check out. I haven't put them to use yet, so these are just my first impressions.

-I LOVE the leg cuff protectors. My pants always end up getting shredded on the bottom, this looks like a great fix.

-Super lightweight Pro Shell Goretex, no explanation needed.

-The pant-to-jacket interface is sweet. Zips all the way around, then the powder skirt snaps below the belt line. One step better than Burton's interface.

-The zipper for the lower leg is placed on the inside of the foot, but rotated back towards the heel. The pull also hangs down from the bottom of the cuff, which puts it in prime position to get stepped on, especially if you wear these pants kinda baggy (like they're designed). Huge design flaw, if you ask me.

-The velcro pull on the waste doesn't have any sort of stretchiness to it so the waistband of the pant bunches up when you tighten it, which makes it impossible to zip the powder skirt of an Oakley jacket to the pant. Minor flaw, but annoying to me.

Overall they're a great pair of Goretex pants, but have a few annoying flaws. I'm undecided on whether or not these will be my pants of "choice" this season (haha see what I did there?).


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I've been able to put two days on these bindings so far this season (one day on my Ride Highlife, the other on my Never Summer SL). First impressions of the binding is they are really lightweight. Not quite as light as last year's Deltas that I own, but definitely lighter than your average binding. The highback has a real nice stiffness, with a bit of lateral flex. Ankle strap is comfortable with the perfect amount of response. As always, the 3D ThinGrip toe strap is the best in the business.

The design flaws I've noticed so far aren't major, but slightly annoying. First off, the footbeds don't fit completely snug and have some side to side play. Somewhat annoying. The second flaw is the quick release adjustment on the ankle strap happens to release on its own every once in awhile. It hasn't happened while riding yet, I doubt that would be fun. I have secured the quick releases with duct tape so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

One thing to note is I don't really agree with Backcountry's flex rating as "medium." I'd put it more along the lines of medium stiff to stiff. I would say they're comparable to the Rome Targas.

Overall, they're a great binding and probably my favorite to ride right now. Perfect for someone looking for a stiffer all-mountain binding.