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I was riding in warmer southern PA conditions (40-50 degrees) and at the end of the day the inside of these gloves was totally saturated with sweat. These gloves are pretty waterproof and warm. I wouldn't recommend them for hotter days. They would probably be better for days around 20 degrees or if you have hands that usually get cold often. Otherwise you will sweat too much.

As for the fit, these gloves are not really bulky for how warm they are and they are flexible and functional for strapping in and that sort of thing. The palm grip is good enough, but not as much as pipe gloves (it's leather).
Also, the "collar" around the wrist is not very tight but thats not a big deal. They seem to be decent overall quality.

My least favorite part of these gloves is that the liner is not stitched or secured inside the glove so when you take the gloves off the liner turns inside out and it is hard to put the glove back on. Also it caused my hands to start to slip out of the gloves when i am holding onto the J-Bar (T-bar, rope tow, etc)


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K2 WWW, Ride Crush, or Arbor Draft?
I am trying to decide between these 3 options. I am a decent all mountain rider and have the basics of park down (Boardslides, 180 on/off boxes, small down rails, etc.) but I really want to spend a lot of time in the park this year and want a board that will help me progress fast. Which board do you think would be best. Also can you recommend a binding ( I wear size 9 thirtytwos)?


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