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4 5

I installed these in my Variant Brim over my last ski trip, and used them to play back songs from my iPhone. Good idea, imperfect execution tho:

Pro's -
1) Sounds pretty good, surprisingly good even. Balanced, with a lot more bottom end than I expected.
2) Quick disconnect is really nice when stopping for a beer / snack / snog.
3) Simple controls work well, even in gloved hands

Con's -
1) The added bulk in the Variant's ear pad / liner makes the helmet pinch my ears slightly. Not enough to require a change of helmet or audio system, but enough to make me "annoyed"
2) The button doesn't answer iPhone calls (although it does work as a speaker / mic once you answer the phone). This means that a ringing phone requires a dive into the layers to press "answer." Not a big problem, as when I am skiing, I don't like to answer the #$%$ phone... only J#$k@#$es do that ;-)

Overall, totally loved it. The ease of control meant I could rip with my tunes... and still convince my wife I was paying attention to her!


4 5

Truly a comfortable, nice goggle. Lot's of lens options. I've never had it fog. Ever. Works well with my Helmet (smith variant brim.. of course, that only makes sense, right?). Downside? Not really easy to change lenses.. the mechanism isn't awesome.