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My first pair of Unions after riding exclusively Burton bindings for over 10 years. Perfect all mountain binding. I was looking at the Factory, and these are the same bindings with a much better graphic. Delivered in nice custom box. A bit lighter than my 2012 Burton Prophecy Bindings with a little less torsional stiffness in the highback, which was exactly what I was looking for. Both were size Large. Graphic is amazing and really a piece of art. I was worried about the straps and buckles, but the toe strap fits well on my '12 Burton Ions, size 11, and the ankle strap is cushy yet supportive, same stiffness as the Prophecy straps but more cushion on the boot side. These are my first pair of canted bindings, and I'm hoping they help keep my joints aligned to prevent pain at the end of the day. My ONLY complaint is that the footbed is much stiffer than any Burton bindings I have owned. This may be important to keep the canting working though. I'll add that I was torn between getting the M/L bindings and the L/XL. Went with the L/XL and I'm happy I did, as my size 11 Ions fit perfect. Going with a smaller binding would have put too much pressure on the sides of the boot. The ankle and toe straps fit well on the size 11 boots.


I'm 6'3" and just received the XL... The bottom of the zipper/jacket ends about mid crotch, probably just enough that you might sit on the edge of the jacket when you sit on the lift... not by much though. I think I could still rock the L though, the sleeves are super long and the jacket is baggy. I like it a bit longer/baggier though, less cramped if you have to layer. Actually, I think that the XL is large enough on me to defeat the purpose of the pow grip strap, which seemed loose around my thumb, but I was only wearing a t-shirt and no gloves when I tried it on.

On another note, I got the Measurement Plaid, and the blue highlights in the jacket, which look minimal on the website, are actually way more noticeable in person. Not that its a bad thing, but up close there is a lot more smurf action then you would think when ordering it.

Pretty sweet for a free warranty replacement!!
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Just got this in the mail a few days ago as a warranty replacement for last years model that delaminated (most likely due to 120 days of east coast abuse). Its looking pretty sweet! I'm a fan of the sparkly top sheet and the graphic is literally stellar. I've played around with it on the carpet, and this board seems to be perrrrrrfect. A bunch of pop, and it might even feel just ever so slightly more flexible than last years model, which is a plus in my book. I was riding it (last year) with some 07 CO2s but I'm gonna pop some red '12 Burton Prophecy bindings on this board. Its gonna be an absolute beast. If it rides anything like last years model, with the addition of some slightly softer bindings, this board will be flying over 50ft step ups in no time!! And you all know that the extra moolah dropped on this ride will give you extra karma float on powder days right?


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So I had to put these puppies in the closet after about 40 days of riding. Why? Mush. After only a month and a half of daily riding these boots went from an 8/10 stiffness to a 3/10. No joke, I can literally grab the heel and toe of the boot and bend the sole in half without even straining myself. I have since bought some Driver X's and they seem to be holding out well, although I will hold my review of those till the end of the season. If you only ride 10 days a year, buy some Ions, but if you are a regular to the mountains then get something else unless you want mushy park boots after 40 days.


Awesome ride, but possible factory defect
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Bought this board wanting a hardcore shred machine that could handle anything. Don't know if the HP model is all that much lighter, but the top graphic is all sparkley (much cooler than the regular version) and you gotta like the basalt rock fibers instead of using fiberglass (green tech). This board has lived up to everything I expected: fast, light, and the C2 is amazing. Great carving machine, great in the powder (and I am over 210 lbs riding the 161) and the C2 adds control. Other reason I bought this board: width. It has a nice mid wide waist of 26.0 cm which is perfect for my size 11 feet. Not too big like most wide boards but not too small either.
Negatives: I've been on this board for 50 days this season... no rails... no impacts with trees... just a few scratches on the base... and yet the tail has begun to delaminate and about 50% of the edge on the toe side had begun to separate from the sidewall. I'm not sure why, there is no obvious trauma to the board. Every time I ride the gaps get wider so it is becoming dangerous.
That being said, I realize that this can happen ever so often when boards are manufactured. A day with above average humidity can be problematic in a snowboard factory. What would make this less of a pain is if the warranty service was on par. Ive sent in a warranty request with pictures of the damage and it has been almost a week with no response... there is also no phone number to contact their warranty service directly. I'm a snowboard instructor and I need my shred stick intact! I hate to say it, but sorry Lib Tech, Burton has you beat in the warranty department. Had this been a Burton board my new ride would already be in the mail, arriving tomorrow.

Update: Insert foot in mouth here... I was sending email files with too many pictures on them (25 MB total) and I guess the Lib email can only handle up to 10 MB... thus no response... Right now the board is in the mail (shipped for free from my local Lib dealer) and I hope we will have a quick turn-around. Can't wait to ride the beast some more.


I strongly disagree. If you plan on riding any more than 15 days, like real 8 AM to 4 PM days... then you definately want to go a size down for when the boots pack out. I am a solid size 11.5 (12 in roomy kicks) and my size 11 boots were too big after only 14 days out. They still work but I am already experiencing heel lift (while using the J-bars.) Another two weeks on the snow and these boots will pack out too much. I am selling them and squeezing my 11.5 foot into a size 10. Just gonna heat mold the linings and ride sore feet for a few days and then they will be perfect. Better fit = better control. If you only ride 5 days a season then dont go that small cause they will not pack out for 4 years.