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Yeah its all personal preference. By rotating the highbacks parallel it can help a bit with edge hold as well as keep them from biting into your calf as much. I ran them parallel for a week or so last season and didn't like it enough to keep them that way so I just run them "normal". Its your board so rotate them back in line with your binding andlges if parallel isn't working out for you.

It would depend on your main riding style. You could do fine on either board at your weight though. If you want something stiff then a custom x or t7 will be more you're thing (they are stiffer so you may size down a bit in either of those), but if you're into the Love then 155 if you're looking for max stiffness. The 152 will translate into a nice all around park board while the 155 will maintain the rigidity to make some nice turns on steeps.

Depends on how aggressive the terrain is and how experienced/aggressive a rider you are. For mellow cruising in the park and around groomers it would be fine. If you're riding a lot of glades and charging steeps then not so much. This is a soft board that's really designed for park. The v rockers ride great in pow (personal experience) but the softer ones like the whammy bar or hero just aren't designed for going fast and railing turns. If you want to stick with Burton I'd probably point you towards a custom (either traditional camber or flying v) or maybe a joystick if you're into the v rocker thing. I personally think the rockers excel in park and pow but don't do much to help someone who already knows how to ride just cruising around the hill.

I would personally say this is more an intermediate to expert board. For a beginner you'll want a soft flexing board or possibly something that allows for easy turning like a v-rocker, banana, low-rise, depending on which brand. If you're determined to stick with Burton I agree with Lyman on the hero, but also maybe the blunt or a nug if you can get a hold of one.

As far as I know its just a regular mid wide, no alternatives (like the skate banana has narrow, mid wide, and wide). You could certainly ride a mid-wide no problem. The general theory is that the narrower the board the quicker it is from edge to edge for obvious reasons. That doesn't mean you can't ride a mid wide, but for the best edge to edge with your small foot you could easily go for a narrow board.

I would respectfully disagree. It is all based upon preference, do you like really soft or really stiff boards? I ride a 152 capita stairmaster and I weight 190. The boards have a similar flex. You're not going to break the board unless you consistently knuckle 80 footers day in and day out, trust me.

Well, obviously you weigh more all suited up, but not enough to really make a difference. I, and I think most people, just use their weight in like a t shirt and shorts for reference. Your gear probably doesn't weight more than 10 or so pounds, maybe less so that isn't enough to really make a big difference I don't think.

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