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I don't even know where to begin...

Out of my 7 years of riding experience of regular boards (without magna traction) I always had a tough time in that hard packed powder/ice/nasty stuff. I just got this board as a gift for christmas and got to finally test it out a couple days ago in 10"!!
First impression...I almost ate shit on a front edge because I'm so used to having to actually try to turn and carve hard. I've never ridden magna traction before and this technology is so insane! When compared to all the other boards I have ridden...it feels like they have been holding my skill level down. Now, this new board had literally upped my skill and the things I can do without worrying about losing traction/edge.
I used to hate snowboarding once all the powder got packed down but now...I can rip through anything! This board literally turned that hard packed/ice into groomers (of course you still feel the bumps in your legs). I can turn so hard and rip through anything like a tank. Bottom line...if your style is shredding everything you can think of then I don't know why you still haven't bought this board after having finished reading this review xD.

P.S - I live in Alaska and we get nasty weather up here all the time. This board is top of the line pro quality. I can definitely see why it has Travis Rice's name on it.