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4 5

I love Frogskins - they were my first pair of Oakleys back when they came out and I couldn't imagine paying $50 for a pair. Now, at $100+, I still can't. But - I did. After my first pair was stolen from my car years ago, I got caught in the nostalgia of the re-release and bought a pair again.

I have a smaller face, and don't remember them fitting so wide across the eyes. Maybe I'm just used to the square wires and smaller pieces... but the lightweight frame is still the same - if not lighter.

I agree that now, after being an adult and feeling metals in sunglasses like titanium and magnesium, or the Oakley X metal (whatever that is...)... the Frogskins feel cheap. Still - as a grab and go pair of specs, they're good and easy on the eyes.

Just wish Oakley would put back out the bright yellow/purple irridium lens combo that was stolen... I loved those...


2 5

I have had the Kitchen Sink pack for years. Love it for travel, and found it to be a great pack, despite the weight. So when this one came out, I thought it'd just be a mini-me version... and it was, for the most part.

Sliding a tablet instead of a laptop - piece of cake - but miss the side access zipper to the tablet compartment.

There's no way a "real" caribiner will EVER work with this pack on the fastening area. I've tried many different sizes, so unless you're just using a lightweight aluminum key chain one, forget it.

My girlfriend used it on a 14er in Colorado, and I carried most of the weight. Pack has little cushioning and really isn't intended for hiking more than a few hours - if at all.

Decent pack, decent weight - but not meant for much more than just tooling around.


4 5

I bought this pack for travel, and because I've had a 17" laptop and it's difficult to find bags for them.

The pack is a strong pack - with storage pockets on the side. You also have the ability to "lock" the zipper pulls since they're a cable. The aluminum carrying handle is great, however I find myself wondering if I over-fill the bag, will it pull off.

The side pockets have velcro to strap a bottle to it if you wish - however I've found myself scrambling to grab a bottle that slid out of the velcro in the airport many of times, and now just don't bother.

It's a large pack, but also is heavy. I hiked a 14er in Colorado with it, loaded with food, clothes, etc. It worked great - but by the end of the day, my shoulders thanked me for it. My girlfriend used my Oakley Bathroom sink pack, and I'll comment on that one later - but suffice to say, I was the pack horse for the trip. Sure, it's handy to have side pockets for organization - but it was heavy to lift.

Works good on a plane - fits as a carry on but you may have to stuff it under a seat pretty firm to get it out of the walk way.


4 5

I was looking for a pair of waterproof gloves to handle the Colorado snow - and I can't wait to sink these into the snow. The fit is snug but seems true to size.

The wrist leash is an interesting concept (think the strings that you used to have on your mittens, but it just loops on your wrist) and I hope I don't need the padded knuckles for any bar fights.

Looking forward to playing with my new Oakley toy!


3 5

I love Oakley - there isn't a single product they've made that I own that I've been disappointed with.

These gloves kinda come close to having a little bit of 'awww man' aspect to it. The palm is great for non-slip. The stretch material is great for not being overly bulky.

However, the fingers.... just a little too big and bulky. Sure, the static portions of the thumb and finger may work with a touch screen - but the fingertips are so squared off and bulky that you never would get an accurate text off. I just tested it and yah... I'd never get even the auto correct to work.

So, great glove. Great Oakley... but don't expect to use the x-static portion of your glove.