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I picked up this time piece as I wanted something that wasn't stainless steel or titanium in the band. The rubber Oakley Unobantanium strap is solid, and doesn't give the impression that it will tear or wear out. The crown being on the opposite sides sometimes gives me annoyance, as I wear my watches on my right wrist - and it sometimes digs into my wrist if I'm typing too much...

The stainless steel construction is solid, but at times feels too heavy. (I picked up one in titanium from an O store, and love that one a little more due to the weight...)

All in, this is another great Oakley timepiece - stylish, solid, and will serve you well.


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So, it's a watch. It's a $2k watch.

OK, so when you get past THAT... you have to decide how much having a titanium, monster sized watch on your wrist - and if that $2k can buy a small car, or pay rent, or a mortgage, or a new wardrobe - or even a few plane tickets.

Once you get past that, you see that it's a really awesome time piece. Collectors will love it, as it's close to the style of their collection that converted into a pocket watch. I saved and purchased one - and while there are days that I wonder why I did - I have never been disappointed with it.

The craftsmanship is amazing - I just wish that Oakley put their perpetual movement into it so that I didn't need to buy a battery. For $2k, I think that's not too much to ask!

All in, I love Oakley time pieces and have several. Great, unique style - all for a mortgage payment on your wrist.


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I ordered a S/M and wear a New Era fitted 7 1/4 baseball hat. It fits well - not excessively loose and not so tight that it leaves marks on my forehead.

My concern echoes the below comment - and I keep wondering if wearing it on a breezy day might cause me to run down a hill after it, or just sacrifice it to the mountain gods.

It's a great little bucket hat - and I'll risk it on hikes because it does the job of keeping sun out of my eyes. However, it won't replace my standard Nike Detroit Tigers hat that I normally hike in just yet...


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I used these as a back-up glove this weekend hiking in CO. The waterproof and durability held up as a backup to my fiancee's alleged water proof North Face gloves that failed.

Warm, durable during our post-holing trek up towards Grays and Torreys peaks - and I'm thankful that I thought to grab them as a last resort should my gloves give out.

I'm very happy that I had these - well, I know my fiancee is really happy that I had them!


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My fiancee saw these, and fell in love with them. Slowly, but surely, I've been converting her over to the cult of the Oakley - and now that she's found a pair of big framed, tortoise color - with a brush of purple on the interior... she's now converted.

Great for those women that like the large eye protection from dust and junk that blows around - my finacee gives these two thumbs up, and was a very happy girl to open them up as a gift.

Sturdier frame build than her last pair of Oaks, I'm impressed...