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I wear a brown Giro Encore2 helmet, and although it makes me look like a MiG fighter pilot when i'm wearing them, it also tends to exacerbate the "nose plugging" problem the other reviewer mentioned. If i want to breath out my nose, I have to push the goggles up off my nose and push my helmet up--this makes it so that the goggle is mostly on my forehead, which seems like a lot of wasted space.

Although I have a difficult time breathing out of my nose with these goggles, my vision is unparalleled. Huge spherical lenses = stellar peripheral vision. Their size also seem to help with fogging, too. When they do fog (usually every other time I hit the mountain) it disappears pretty quickly after I start moving down the hill--the vents are large enough to allow air in to kill the fog.

They look great, and you can see great out of them--if i could give them 4.5 stars i would (for the nose-plug issue) but they're fantastic goggles.


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BOA Focus System (two BOA knobs) is so rad--the rest of the boot is merely good. It's incredibly stiff--even after about 20 days in them, they were still rubbing my right ankle in bad places. I'm going to swap the liners out with the liners from my old boots to see if it makes a difference this year.

If you're looking for a stiff, well built BOA system, these are your boots. Maybe look elsewhere if comfort is the biggest issue for you.


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I threw these on after boarding for 3 years without a stomp pad. They're quite big--they're almost an inch tall each, and very sharp tipped--not rounded at all. The height seems to limit the amount of pressure i can put on my edges while skating around. If you're just worried about slipping off when you get off the lift, they'll do well--but look elsewhere if you want to be able to steer with them on.