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I have the same boots and when I domoed these, they fit a lil weird. Its mainly because the Lashed are one the widest treads on the market, so in a lot of binders they fit a lil weird. But you will def need a L/XL to fit the 12's. I have a pair of L/XL '09 Contacts and a pair of '10 Forces, and my size 12 Lashed fit well in them. But the cage of the Flites are a lil snugger, so be aware of that. To have a super wide sole to begin with will make the fit a lil off until you tweak them to your liking. Great company tho, and will prob never rock any other binder company other than Union.

I think ur confused a lil lol. Only 19% of the binder is actually touching your board, but that doesn't mean that only 19% of the binder is attached. The base plate attaches like any other base plate, but because of the EVA foam, it makes the binder pretty much float on your deck. 100% of the binding is attached, but the foam raises it up off of the board to allow for a 'more true' flex. But by only having 19% of the binding touching your board, that doesn't mean it's weakened by any means. I have a pair of '09 Contacts and they are stellar. I have had no problems with them as of yet and they are still gonna be with me for another few years, AT LEAST. So to answer your question in full, no they are not weakened by the contacts points, and yes they are as strong or stronger than anything out. Union all the way

Yup, they definately will. And they will feel like youre not even wearing bindings. They will also make your board flex more 'true' because of the contact points and how much the binding actually touches the board. I love mine and its gonna be hard to find better outside of the Union brand

If you want to get the L/XL they will over hang for sure on ur nanna. You need a waist width of atleast 255(25.5) to make sure you dont drag. If you are rockin 10.5's tho, you are still able to get the M/L. But be aware that these binders run a little on the skinnier side. So if you are rockin a pair of Lashed or a wider treaded boot, it will take a lil messin around to make em fit just right. If you can tho, get the M/L, they will fit the boot better

The TM2's are a true to size boot. So if your foot is an 11, then you should get an 10.5-11 just because of pack out after long use. I have a size 12 foot in Circa's and a 12.5 in Nike and I ride a 12 TM2 and a size 11.5 Lashed because they are a little wider in the foot bed and they are my park boot. So obv I want a lil softer boot for the park. TM2's are a skinnier profiled boot compared to most. But if you are in between an 11.5 and 12, with these I would tell you to get the 11.5 just for the pack out alone. But if you dont put 100+ days on them a year, you could def get away with the 12's

I would go for the Contacts bro. I have a pair of '09, love them and they are still kicking strong till this day. The Shakas have the split baseplate design and hinged disk to allow your board to flex more true, but thats where the Contacts shines. With only 18% of the binder touching the deck on the Contacts, it takes the place of the hinged design of the Shakas and allows your board to actually flex more true than the Shakas. Contacts are more comfortable, better design, beter buckles, damper and less chatter because of the EVA foam, and for $10 less, yes please. Oh and this binder takes anything you throw at it and more. Not only a sick park binder, but a great all around binder. I take it off 60' booters and I never wash out. Union all the way

Im 99% sure they will. Burton made the 'retro discs' to be compatable with with other binders out there. The majority of binders have the same size base plate, so you should be good. Im sure Burton realized that not everyone will rock the Burton deck and Burton binder set-up, so im pretty sure it will work

32 are pretty true to size all across the board. So if you rock a size 8 shoe, then thats pretty much what you should get. I dont know how Burtons fit, as I do not buy Burton, but the best bet would be to get to a shop and try on a pair of 32's. They are similar all across their line up, so really fitting is the same for almost all of the boots. Prime's are wider in the foot box, Lashed are wider tread, TM2's are slimmer but fit true to size and so are the Prospects. So get to a shop and try on a pair, that will give you a better idea. Because 1.5size jump from your shoes to your Burtons is HUGE, and you usually size down when buying boots. But standard, they all are pretty true to size compared to your shoes. I have a size 12 shoe and I ride an 11.5-12 depending on the the boot. Hope this helps bro

Well the Machine has one of the widest waists on the market for wide decks. I ride one (154W) and I have size 12's with about 1-2cm extra on both toe and heel side. Usually the bigger the deck, the wider it gets. You will be able to fit, you just might need to have your stance a lil more tweaked out. This deck rips tho. I've been riding it for 2 years now and it only gets better as time goes on. But for your size of boot you will need to look at a waist width of no less than 260(26cm), and this one does accommodate that. Others you can look at are:

-K2 WWW Wide(either reg or reverse)
-Ride DH Wide(1 or 2), Ride Crush Wide, or Ride Highlife Wide
-Rome MOD Wide or Postermania Wide

Its all dependant on what you mainly ride as well. Ie. park, pow, trees. But just read through and decide from there. Hope this helps bro

You have good peripheral on these. I have 2 pairs myself, but just because I love the fit on my face. You have greater peripheral on the Omegas, but I did not like them as they foged and froze over on me. But the Soldier has been my go-to goggle for 5 years now. Venting is awesome, fit is comfy, and over all just a great goggle

Most boots with at least a level 3 liner, well with 32 anyways, run pretty true to size. Depending on how much you ride will determine the 'pack out' of your boot. But it is always good to go a half size smaller just for that fact. So yes an 8 will fit true to size, but in a few months you will notice you have a little more wiggle room in the toes or heel. So go for a 7.5, heat mould them and they will be perfect

Well its only really snagging on the outer tread of the sole for me. And yes the Lashed are one of the widest foot-beds on the market, and are usually the same year in and year out. As for the Contacts, im not too sure if the cage design has changed much. But by the looks of bothe of the years, it has not. I dont know why you are havin such a hard time with them tho? But for some reason I have just made mine fit proper. It could also be that I have tweaked the shit out of mine to get the best fit. But really thats all its about right, comfort and fit. Style is good too, but for me its all about the ride and comfort of the product.(Funny to say because I have the CMYK print and they are pretty flashy lol) I would just play around with them and you should be able to get them to fit. Move the heel cup, ramps on the base, and straps and im sure you will make em feel nice.

Well both have almost the same design, so its kinda up to the feel you want. The Contacts will allow your board to flex more 'true' because only 18% of the binder is actually touching the board. On the other hand the Flites are a few ounces lighter, but touch about 40% of the board. I personally have last years Contacts and I love them. I take them from steeps to trees and obv kill park. My personal opinion, get the Contacts as they are a comfier binder and the cage of the binder is a lil wider for a better fit. But really for around $20 more, I would stick with the Contacts. Hope this helps

Lashed tend to pack out quite a bit, depending on how much you ride. I have last years Lashed in a 12, and thats what my shoe size is. They were great at the beginning of the season, but are now packed out to prolly a 12.5 (I ride around 100+ days a season). So for next season I will go a half size down. I would say get the 7's, heat mould them, and they will pack out to the proper fit in no time. Hope this helps :)

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