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I have a huge head so I went with the XL. The helmet is nice and fairly low profile. Comfortable fit. The matte colors tend to pick up random scratches and dirt that discolor it a little. I have the grey one so maybe it just shows up a little more. One gripe about this helmet is that the top vents (four holes on the top lid) have no rubber plugs to block them in the winter. So if it snows you're going to get a wet head, which will then freeze, and really piss you off. I've taped mine but thats such a stupid thing to have to do. Wish RED paid better attention to details like this....


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I've used AK gloves, mitts, other Pow gloves, Dakines etc etc over many year.

Hands down these are the best I have ever used, especially if you play in places at -15 - 20 degs C or below. So actually these would not be great in warmer temperatures. Super nice thick pile fleece in the glove to keep you warm, additional primaloft to keep you warmer still, and possibly the most waterproof glove I've ever used. Good dexterity and great leather on the palm. Ive always had issues with leather scuffing or stitches fraying but after a season these Pows still look good as new.

Get them, you wont regret it. All your other gloves will be 2nd rate spares after you get these. Theyre actually so good Im considering getting a second pair if Pow ever decides to discontinue this model.


Im not sure what eastcoast rider is talking about. I ride a pair of P1.1s on my t.rice and they ride fine. Ive ridden the union force too and they are also fine. On my other board i use forum republics and arenas (owned by burton)...they are fine too. Id say the tech on high end burton bindings are better but youre shelling out a lot of money so that sucks. All this burton hate is kinda counterproductive. Id recommend you read more reviews on bindings you like the look of and decide accordingly. The CO2s would suit your purpose but theyre almost criminally expensive. That be my only gripe. Union are a good binding company but dont fall for the general fanboyism about union thats been going around these past few years...

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I have this year's model in the Tokyo lights colorway. The bag has all the compartments and what not from a day carrier like this so you can stash away to your heart's content. But i feel the build quality of the bag is not great and am glad i got it at 40% off. The waist and board straps dont look like theyll hold up to much abuse. Im coming from an AK 23L pack from a few years ago...the quality of that pack is way superior to this one but then again its nearly twice as exp. I'd recommend the AK or Dakine packs if youre serious about using it in the backcountry rather than using it as a lunchbox carrier round the resort, which is what the day hiker is more suited to.


it depends on what models you're talking about but both my ride and 32 boots are the same size (11) and the rides fit a bit more snug. there's more room in the toe box in 32s so prob explains the diff. just my opinion but 32 build quality is far superior to ride and are lighter (cept if you got some of ride's high end boots such as the Ful and RFL, which have some questionable colourways)

I have a pair of lock boa from last season and i know that altho 32 say's it's a flex 5 id say its more like an 7/8 when you have the boa down tight. with a focus boa (which i also tried in the shop) id say youre heading up a little more to 8/9. for all mountain, lock boots are fine, but as you cant adjust upper/lower independently you may have some hot spots thatll put strain on your foot. a focus boa could fix this...but with an 80 dollar bump in price. if i were you id just go with the lock.

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ive been using the AK range for the past 2 seasons, and quite a lot in nothern japan (niseko) where snowstorms are no joke with 13/4 meters of snow per season. ive worn foursquare, ride, bonfire and burton's ronin in the past and all of them have been useless in anything but minimal snow showers. AK goretex gear on the otherhand leaves you bone dry and blocks the worst of the winds. I know the gear costs more than most and an AK jacket and pants can burn a 700 dollar hole in your wallet but it will be the best snow gear investment you've ever made. believe.