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I will start off my saying I love these headphones. My previous pair were the Bose in-ears and they lasted me 2 years until the cord-to-jack started coming loose.. The sound was unbeatable believe me. Ill give you some pros and cons for the Bose:

-Lots of bass, to where I had to used treble booster for EQ
-The sound quality beat all other in-ears I've ever tried.
-The soft, cushiony tips are a great design; Some people hate the whole "ear plug" design. These are comfortable to where you forget they're there.
-Durable, long lasting. (if you take care of them)

-Very long, rubbery cord that tangles
-Not very stylish
-Won't stay put if you're jogging or something like that. (didnt for me atleast)
-Didn't block enough sound for me. But surprisingly blocked a lot more than I thought- seriously.

Okay so the Bose's quality and sound pretty much make up for all the CONS so for $100 bucks, you can't beat it. Here's some pros and cons for the Skullcandy FMJ's:

-Cord is made of a sort of fabric material that never tangles
-Has a mic and call button. (You can pay $120 for Bose in-ears with mic)
-The cord length is perfect
-Look great!
-They really stay put in the ear..I never have to adjust them, Ever!
-Durable, metal design
-Sound iight. Can't complain to much.

-Not nearly enough bass for me. (Bose has like 3x more/ the Skullcandy Ink'd budds have a lil more than these)
-Sound quality isn't worth $70 at all.

Okay so my only issue with the FMJ's is the sound- it could be better. If your looking for a good solid pair of headphones that stay in your ear, look way cool, sound okay, and don't bother you to much, get these.

If you want incredible sound quality with A LOT of bass (which i love!) and don't mind paying an extra $30 dollars, then I'd HIGHLY recommend the Bose. They don't look 'cool' but its Bose, what do you expect?..


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This is a wonderful hoodie and well worth the money. The fur on the inside is so insanely soft. Its reversable so the inside is completely fur. The fabric doesnt shrink, so you dont need to worry to much bout that when you dry it. It seems to fit
a little short so if your into the big, baggy fit, you prolly wont like it. But yeah, awesome purchase on this thing. I get compliments on it all the time and the ladies really dig the fur. Thanks Backcountry! :)


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I will say the hoodies style is great.. But style isnt everything here. The quality of the jacket was pretty disappointing. The hood's stitching looks like something I did in school or something when i was 14. And the feeling of the fabric wasnt pleasing at all. Even the fit was a odd..a Large is a lot shorter than my other Large hoodies.. And if u plan on drying this in the dryer, expect a bit of shrinkage. I guess since Oakley is a great glasses brand, they think they can just slap their name on a cheap hoodie and sell em like their glasses..

Not recomended at all. Look somewhere els.