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Yes i am like most people and do judge everything intially by looks. But i like to think that i am the type of person where that only last a moment then I get on with my life and think "Nothing is as it seems." SO TRUE WITH THESE HEADPHONES. i mean just look at them. For most people (Like me) I saw these and said "Man these things are ugly and plastic... why would anyone buy them? These things are much more amazing then they look. Heres what i have come to find:
Super light Weight (It is like ur holding a pencil they are that light)
The earpad things- Omg they arent hard plastic. They are supper soft and squish and they stick to beanies amazingly well.
Looks- They are plain compared to skullcandies but the goldenrod stand out and i love their brightness
sound quality- Nothing to go bragging to your friends about but it is crystal clear and good for riding to. Not something i would wear if i was actually just focused on the music.
DONT BE FOOLED. These are amazing headphones and i suggest trying them over the skullcandy icons anyday. Well worth the extra money


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This is the only skullcandy product that i won't troll about. These have no sound quality to brag about (but the sound quality is clear and gets the job done. i guess it is good sound quality for the prie no question) but who the hell buys these for sound? THESE THINGS ARE FANTASTIC TO RIDE WITH. they are super light weight, super comfortable, and don't fall off your head very easily when throwing bigger tricks. They blow out easily and break even easier. But who cares? They are cheap they get the job done and they look sick.
Main point: Don't buy these if your looking for HIGH (buy for OK )quality sound, buy these if your looking for something to ride with that is as lightweight as earbuds but doesn't go inside your ear


So my question is... can someone that has owned these for over atleast 3 months comment on them and give a little light to the people actually looking for quality headphones that don't blowout or break after 3 months of actually not 30 min a day but 3 or more hours a day of listening?
Or am i seriously the only person ever to have a crappy experience with EVERY Skullcandy headphones i have own? and trust me i have owned all of skull candy product but the agents and double agents

Can anyone actually comment on these that didn't just buy them out of the box? I mean honestly. i have owned these headphones and blew them out in 3 months. I too was like "These are so sick and the sound is so awesome and i dont know anything about real headphones except that these are expensive and look cool so they have to be great" I bet most of these 5 star comments are people that jsut opened the package less then a month... na less then a week after they bought them. I know some people get lucky and have a good time with skullcandy headphoens but i find that sooooooo rare with people that actually listen to music as a way of life. I listen to music everyday for 4 hours at a min. and on a snowboarding day probably 10 hours.

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dont get either man skullcandy is overated. Seriously... people like them cause they think they are underground which they arent anymore btw. and they buy them cause they look cool. QUALITY OVER STYLE PEOPLE... Suffering for fashion is one thing i agree with but not when it comes to headphones. I HIGHLY suggest checking out the Aerial7 tank headphones. Same price with a 57 mm driver for even more bass than these... 40 mm standard "going to blow out after 3 months of use" headphones. And i personally think the aerial7s look steezy as hell.

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I bought these half a year ago, way before they were on dogfunk.com. I was looking for something very similar looking to skullcandy T.I.'s cause i hated those headphones but like the styles. Then i saw these while surfing the web through pages of headphones. For the money, they are by far the best headphones i have ever owned. I have yet to blow these out. And i seriously have not had headphones last for longer then 3 months, besides these. I can not say enough good things about these things. the mic clip switches songs for regular ipods too. OMG i love these headphones. Aerial7 kicks the ass out of skullcandy, Broadcasting by The comeback kid, OMG i don't even bother listening to it on any other headphones then these. I wear these for atleast 4 hours a day while doing homework, surfing the internet, or taking the bus and wanting to be in my own world. and 4 hrs of these and they are still super comfortable. I know its a unknown brand but please give them a shot over skullcandy. They only have a 1 year manufactures warrenty (DF has lifetime warrenty) warrenty but the sound quality is so much better and way more worth it then anything skull candy offers.For those that didn't want to read all that the main pointsGREAT SOUND QUALITY FOR PRICECOMFORTABLE OVER THE EARS FOR HOURSHAVE YET TO BLOW THEM OUTBUY BUY BUY BUY OVER SKULLCANDY


From a person who has used both products i highly suggest the WeSC Bongos. They last way longer, easier to ride with, way more durible, and the sound quality is fairly great for the price. The only thing that skullcandy has going for them at all is their return policy. They have a life time warrenty and are free to replace (besides postage stamp) if it is a techniqual issue. 50% off it you broke them. That really beats anything for me because i listen to music for a least 5 hrs a day through headphones and i blow out speakers everyother day it feels like. BUT unless you really want your warrent, like calling them up and giving them detailed instructions (cause they don't respond to emails anymore unless its your first time using the warrenty) then the warrenty isn't worth it. To much time and effort for me (I have better things to do then listen to skullcandy over the phone instead listening to their headphones)
MY point is, Bongos out of the two unless dealing with warrenty people isnt an issue for you.

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So far i am loving these. The only problem is that my head is to big for these to look normal wearing them. So i wear them with the over the head part behind my head. My friend with a smaller head wore these and loved them. They stay on your head no problem while riding. They aren't as loud as my bongos but give a good sound for the price. Very durability so far. Haven't done anything to crazy with them yet. They do have a connector cord which is super nice (for if you get the cord stuck on something it breaks at the attaching point (causing no damage) instead of ripping the wiring out of the jack). Looks like i found my new brand instead of Skullcandy For quality and Durability!


What doesn't look good on a girl? =)
From a guys perspective... I go by the vibe things give off and to me, These would give off the vibe that your pretty good, can hang out in the park without any problems though your still learning to do some more advance stuff, and that you also hit groomers and powder from time to time. They don't give off the vibe of Hot, Cute, or Snowbunny. There to flashy to be cute, Beanie + Goggle combo really gives off "Ive got skill" Vibe and there is no way this a snowbunny goggle. Im not sure how to girls look HOT in snowboarding gear though... Maybe riding in a bikini?
Any way that is my opinion.
Not sure what your go for vibe wise with your goggles but good luck finding the ones that fit your personality =)

I am sorry but it really is one or the other =). I ride with dragons dx goggles ionized and they arent as mirrored as i hoped. If your standing around in the park or taking a run no one will know they arent fully mirrored but if your standing in the lift line and someone wants to check themselves out in your goggles they will be able to see themselves but they will also be able to your eyes if they look for them.
And no they arent good for night riding unless you are getting the powder/pink ionized ones.

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IF you scroll through the wall you see that i have had questions about these goggles and then finally bought them. I love them! The love in definitly look good on guys and girls. I get atleast one or 2 comments a day from either random people on the bus or just riding the chair with random dudes who love them (mostly chicks).The nose part is a little loose for me but its not like wind gets in or anything. Maybe its just so soft and lite that i am not used to it not feeling like there is nothing on my face. Seriously i forget they are on all the time, almost to the point where it isnt funny any more


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