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Onzie has a nice take on things—why should every sports bra have to be for high-impact sports? Finally yoginis have some options that are both pretty and functional.

This is the least supportive Onzie top I’ve tried, but that's not a negative thing-- it's good that they offer a spectrum of support options. (If you’re looking for something more supportive, check out this one: http://www.backcountry.com/onzie-racer-sports-bra-womens or this: http://www.backcountry.com/onzie-sun-ray-sports-bra-womens )

The front panel is a double sided stretchy nylon fabric, and the rest is stretchy elastic webbing. It’s a neat design, and a godsend if you’re prone to overheating/prickly heat in hot yoga like I am.

I agree with other reviewers that it is probably designed for ladies on the smaller-busted side of the spectrum. I’m pushing capacity in the M/L as a 36C, and it’s a little cleavage-baring—not scandalous, and I’ve never fallen out of it (ahem) but it’s definitely not your grandma’s bra top.

The only thing about the design that’s mildly annoying is that the elastic straps tend to slide to the outside of my shoulders anytime I’m engaging my trapezius muscles in yoga poses, so if you have super beefy traps (looking at you, climbers and paddlers) maybe be prepared for this possibility.

I hand-wash this one in the sink since the elastic is a little more fragile-- throw it in a lingerie bag if you're putting it in the washer! Dries super quickly.

I wouldn’t recommend buying it for running or other high-impact activities, but for casual wear or no/low-impact activities like yoga, it’s amazing.


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Things that fit in this pouch:
-Pencils and pens
-Smallish toiletries

Things that will not fit:

The heavy outer fabric is durable and stiff-- short of carrying scissors or razorblades in there, no worries about anything poking through the fabric. The zipper works smoothly-- though the teeth are a little sharp, so maybe don't throw your pouch down next to a pile of silk stockings or anything.

In all seriousness, the Network Medium Pouch does what it needs to do. Sturdy, well-made, likely to last until our computer overlords do away with pencils and pens... and robots rule the earth.


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So first, let me come clean about my bleeding heart consumer past (er, present): definitely bought Tom's back in the day because I liked the idea of a little kid in Africa getting a pair of shoes; wore Warby Parker glasses until I finally got Lasik because somebody else got a pair for free too, and I might even eat at a sandwich shop here in SLC that donates a sandwich to a homeless shelter for every one you buy. You could say I'm a sucker for socially responsible businesses. So the United by Blue story totally gets me.

The first thing that struck me when I unpacked it is how nice a pack it is. It came in a little cloth drawstring bag—nice touch. Mine is lined with an army green fabric, not sure if they're all the same color interior.

All of the leather trim and stitching is immaculate—United by Blue must have phenomenal quality control, because there was literally not a single stitch loose, hanging, or out of place. The canvas is nice and thick, seems to be an extra layer of canvas on the bottom of the bag, as well as on the top flap, which makes them fairly stiff. My fear with cotton canvas is always that I’m going to wear holes in it, but not so worried about it with this pack. Not waterproof by a long shot, but its water resistance is easily increased with a good spritzing of Nikwax Cotton Proof Spray.

Cool features—there are button snaps for easy access in and out of the bag, as well as side snaps at the top of the bag to allow you to load all your stuff up, then snap down for less-bulky transport.
The shoulder straps are only *very* lightly padded (I mean LIGHT) but the straps are a bit wider than you might expect, which seems to keep them from cutting into your shoulders—I found it pretty comfortable, even with a load full of books.

There are a handful of pockets inside—the zippered pocket, which is ample, a water bottle pocket (fits a 32 oz Nalgene comfortably) and a couple more, too.

Overall, solid daypack for city life. And there's a pound less trash in the ocean too? Cool.