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At Backcountry we’re serious about down jackets. Most of us live in them for six months of the year, and at peak season we have over 400 styles to choose from on our site. To make sure we’re pointing you towards the down jacket that’s best suited to your needs, we talk to designers and manufacturers, pore over catalogs and technical specifications, and we put them to the test every time we head to the mountains or commute to the office on a chilly day. Point being, we work hard to make sure we’re getting it right. But despite our [...]

You Said It: Our Community’s Favorite Down Jackets


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There certainly must be a reason why this is my 4th pair of Teeki pants. Wow - that's shameful, LEXI - bad girl.
But these sat in my cart for 2 weeks before I finally lost all control and hit that beautiful little blue 'Submit Your Order' button - DAMN YOU!

Teeki pants are wonderful for several neat reasons.
* COMFY - as all get out
* FLATTERING - as can be
* MADE IN THE USA - nuff said

Because they are a synthetic material, these are NOT the most breathable pant out there, so keep that in mind. I would not be caught doing hot yoga in these things, but they work wonders for working out in normal temps, or cool weather.

The fit is great - though the legs do run on the long side. I have an average bordering on smaller than average inseam. I am 5'3" and 120 lbs and the size small is perfect save an extra inch or two of length at the bottoms. I either wear them stirrup pant style (YES, I truly AM a child of the 80s - or pull them up higher on my waist).

The wolf is so totally beautiful, stoic, yet also kind. Encouraging you to stay active and healthy.
The one and only ONE bad thing about these pants is that you see 3-4 other girls wearing them when you go to work at Backcountry.com. Which is awkward, but we all love Teeki so much, we get over it.

Heed The Siren Wolf Call


I had no idea when purchasing (let's get real, I had tunnel vision staring at that beautifully stoic wolf mug) that these pantaloons have SNOWFLAKES on them.

Increase fondness for these pants by a factor of 67.
SOOO STOKED. Each little flake is unique and special, just like in nature. My legs don't want to do anything but snow dances when I put these on - which is good because we're having a rough start to winter here in Utah.

 **** SNOWFLAKES ****


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This is a nice one!
I'm 5'3" and 120 lbs and I find the size small to fit just right.
I like that this down jacket doesn't make you look like a friggen cardboard box, it really has a nice shape to it.

The velcro tab cuffs are also a nice touch for cinching down on colder days. It's thin enough to layer up underneath a shell on really chilly ski days.

I also like the unique hexagonal baffles, much more visually appealing (I think) than the big old Michelin Man horizontal baffles - yuck.

I've only used this a couple times thus far, but I can already tell it's going to be a winter staple. Good fit, solid construction, functional hood and sleeves. This is one of Marmot's most popular styles, and there's a reason we sell out every year!

Ama DablamaMAMA-0-RAMA


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My roommate purchased this mat in blue, and I was so jealous, I only lasted a month before I had to go and purchase my own.

I previously ordered a cheap-O mat off Amazon, and it was insanely slippery. Yogis told me once the mat dirtied up with my own sweat, it would get sticker and break right in - that never happend - that was also 2 years ago, so I was well overdue for an upgrade.

Things I like about this mat:
-CUSHYYYYYYYYYYYYY oh, so insanely cushy. Offers excellent support and cushion for those harder moves like pidgeon and such.
- It's not slippery - thank goodness
- Comes in fun colors and the pattern is really beautiful. I get compliments on it from fellow yogis on the reg.
- Acreage - this mat is BIG! This could be a drawback in crowded classes, but I like my acreage and space.

No Drawbacks or Cons to speak of yet, but I've only used it a handful of times thus far. Will update if anything crops up.



There's really no better way to annoy your girlfriend than by putting on these mildly disturbing socks...just look at that face!

"It's business.
It's business time.
I know what you're trying to say you're trying to say it's time for business it's business time. Ooh!

It's business.
It's business time.
[ moans]

I remove my clothes very, very clumsily, tripping sensuously over my pants. Now I'm naked, except for my socks, and you know when I'm down to just my socks what time it is...

It's business.
It's business time.
You know when I'm down to my socks it's time for business that's why they call it business socks."

Business Socks


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I tested these out for 1 day at Alta Ski Resort.
I found the fit to be totally wack attack.

I am 5'3" and 120 lbs, and I've always taken a size small or XS in every ski pant I've ever used. These barely fit in a size Medium.
There is a really awkward cinch at the waist that I found highly unflattering. Reminded me of the 80s Mom Jeans I hunt for on occasion at Goodwill for 80s themed ski days or parties. Great for laughs, not an everyday style!!

The cuffs of these pants BARELY fit over my ski boots, which aren't particularly bulky. These would be better suited to ice climbing perhaps?

HATED the way my booty looked in these things, yuck!
These just did NOT work for my body type, they could be the jam for you, they weren't for me.

THE GOOD NEWS: BD has brought on a new designer who is TOTALLY dialed for their 2016 line. I'm beyond excited to see what she can do to tweak the women's line and improve fit.

Performance wise, these were waterproof and breathable, as expected with Gore-Tex Pro. Since I only tested these for 1 day, I didn't test them in a wide range of conditions, but I expect these will perform fairly well.

For me: These were a bust, but I think the future is bright.


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I was sick of the hassle of popping and snapping and wrestling (and scratching) my smith lenses, so I took a deep breath and spent some serious coin on the Anon WM1 goggle.

It was worth it. The ease of swapping out the lenses with the magnets is stupid simple. I never used to swap lenses because it was such a hassle, and now I can easily dial my goggs to daily even hourly conditions. Party on, Wayne.

I went for the Pink Sq. Lens for partly cloudy days and I'm pleased with performance. Optics are crystal clear, and the definition of terrain in flat light is satisfactory.

I would buy these again or recommend to a friend in a heartbeat.


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Uhhh....I'm an idiot, it's true.

For years I struggled with Smith lenses, popping them in and out, agonizing which lens to choose, gave up and just stuck with one lens for all conditions. A friend of mine reviewed these for Blister Gear Review, and she had pretty great things to say. I was very deterred by the high price tag, but I decided to eat it.

I splurged on an additional Pink Sq Mirror lens for partly cloudy days to round out my kit. This goggle purchase includes a greybird lens as well as a huge, beefy hard case to protect your investment.

Fit was really satisfactory. I have a very small face and have a near impossible time finding goggles that will work. For reference the Smith I/OS model is way too large for me. I'm really happy with these.

Needless to say the ease of changing lenses is mind blowing. I wonder why I struggled with other models that snap and pop for so long. No more fumbling with lenses and scratching them up.

I've used these 5x so far with 0 issues. They are comfortable, don't fog and the lens quality is very high. I will update this review with pictures and more info as I get a chance to test them further.