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Two stars seems harsh but when it comes to your hard earned money, lets not play with that. i have a block of the cold for mammoth pow, and a block of warm for local so cal slush parks. not impressed. i didn't think i would be one of those "overly technical on equipment" type riders but it was a noticeable difference. albeit i have only tried three different brands (and i think there all made by the same production facility)

Dakine all temp (came with the tuning kit)

burton all temp.

one ball jay (warm and cold)

the best in my opinion was the Dakine. The lesser of the three was the O.B.J.

Dakine all temp and some floro paste on top of that for warm/slushy days is what works for me. I amm able to keep up with my skier buddies (who purposely go to the flats on me) with the O.B.J. I had to unstrap and skate. Which sucked. Not to mention knuckling a jump, which really sucked. my two cents.


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This thing is crap. Do not buy it. I thought it would look good over a big ugly stick-on stomp pad, and it did look good. However, it did not work at all. I could not even feel it. I'm not doing one footed tricks. I just wanted a little something to get off the lift so I'm not rolling down the windows in front of everyone like a kook, fail. FAIL.
The worst part is that it popped off at one point. I looked down and it was gone. luckily I was able to spot it and put it in my pocket because little gem is going back to Dogfunk.



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I like the way it folds up nice and neat so that it fits in your pocket without any one wondering if your happy to see them. The negative is that you cant really continuously unscrew or tighten the hardware like a regular screw driver, more like little half turns at a time, that could get frustrating. However, seeing that you shouldn't be constantly adjusting you stuff all day (if your lucky) when your done with it you will not see it again 'til your popping bottles with the handy bottle opener in the parking lot. (which will see plenty of miles, trust me). Another huge plus is the leverage you get when you tighten them "EST" screws. Burton channel owners, you feel my pain, with that notorious back foot slippage. I tightened the bejesus out of the ics and there not going anywhere.
Works great on the rest of the binding hard ware also, and my Forum Shaka's and my Ride Capo's...................you get the idea.


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Start with the positive, sure. Comfy on the inside, top priority in my opinion. Very low profile so you don't look like alien. Lots of holes so your sweat goes up and not all in your face like your going through with-drawls (the reason i got it in the first place). Sick colors available (I went w matt black). All of these qualities worked 5 star.

However it is not a dedicated snow helmet. the problem with that is the ear insulation/padding is not perm attached and constantly comes undone with the slightest helmet adjustment. The goggle strap hook in the back of the helmet slides off waaay to easily, causing problems. Also when you put your goggles on your brow, if it isn't just right, the goggles whip over the lid and dangle on the back of your neck. it really sucks when all of these things happen at the same time. Like it did today.

i think i could perm attach the goggle hook and the ear padding, but if your not willing to bust out the crazy glue, then get the AVID. i used my sons last year and other than a lack of air vent, its grrrrreat.


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I have last years SHAKA. I cant say that I wouldn't buy them again because my son wants a pair. My gripe with them is that the split base plate and living hing disk add more "flex". Maybe. However the edges of the binding were actually digging into the top sheet leaving dents where the binding was attached. I would assume thats where the "flexing" stopped. I wonder if that has been remedied or its the norm and not a big deal. I'm happy, but i wonder if should save some dollar and get the contacts for my boy.

Expensive - very
hard to dial in - yes
gimmicky - possible

comfortable - oh yeah, very
looks - so sick my friend
response - excellent (wont be doing Baker slalom in these babies, but you say cut, and they slash)

09/10 arbor draft 158.5, 09/10 black Forum Shaka's.


Unanswered Question

I support products that are eco. friendly and/or that are made in the states. I'm a union man myself (labor/craftsmen union that is), so id like to keep as many jobs here as i can, but the mark up for these products is almost ridiculous. Is the performance difference worth the extra coin?
I personally take the "greener" route whenever possible, even if i pay a little extra. But thats a of set of bindings for that much money. excuse me while i hug this tree.

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I tried these on at sport chalet today, front pockets are pretty non functional. Little coin pocket, the same. i didn't even bother w/ the back pockets but they seemed roomy. Nice and comfy with functional leg vents. Yeah screw all that, they look like real Levis and not snowboard pants. I came straight home and ordered em up from Dog funk! Sport Chalet can keep that 10% tax increase.

Can someone make it snow now?