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Who I am:
I am a 50 year old Minnesota snowboarder who gets out 15-20 times a year on 300 feet of vert ice. I shred 10 days in Colorado every year also. I ride a 158 Custom X and I don't do rails or any park.
These boot are replacing a 5 year old pair of
Hails, size 9.5 which were comfortable but packed out to the point of being sloppy.
I have wide feet and I have found that Burton boots fit my feet the best. The Grails fit well right out of the box, my toes come to the very end without pain and they aren't as tight width-wise as my Hails when they were new. I am wondering if I could have ordered size 9 and let them pack out (Hails in size 9 would never have fit me, I had a pair in that size and they never packed out to comfort).
The Boot:
As I mentioned already, the boots fit well right out of the box. The inner cinching system (I don't what it's called), can be pulled quite tight compared to my Hails; the Hails hurt my instep when cinched tightly. The Grails also fit better in my bindings than the Hails did and they hang over less.
Over all, I like these boots better than my Hails, they feel less clunky and are slightly more responsive. If I had a normal width foot, I would definitely try on a size 9.
I have only worn these boots a couple times in Minnesota, and I will update this post after I shred in CO.


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The goggles fit well with my Giro 9 helmet (size large). I had read concerns about the strap being too short on the Crowbars; the strap is short but works well for me.

These goggles are not as comfortable as my SPY Blizzards but they do have better peripheral vision.